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Best Blacked Out Looks for FORD F150 Trucks

A picture of one of the blacked out headlights on a new Ford F150.

Understated is the new bold, and nothing will give you that cool, subdued, understated look like blacked-out lights on your FORD F150 pickup truck. RECON has you — and your lights — covered. We have custom-fitted blacked-out and smoked-out LED projector headlights and taillights for old and new FORD F150 trucks.

The Hottest New Trend in Truck Lights

The popular FORD F150s headlights and taillights are consistent with their paint and window tint. Unless you drive around in a red and white FORD F150 with paint that blends seamlessly with your stock lights, you’re probably not going to be able to create a look around white headlights and red taillights. It’s time for a RECON upgrade.

Enter Projector Headlights

One nice thing about owning a FORD F150 in modern times is that you have the opportunity to replace its stock headlights with LED projector lights. Projector headlights have a few significant advantages over reflector headlights:

  • They are massively brighter.
  • They don’t blind other drivers (even though they’re more brilliant).
  • The light is more consistent.
  • They have many cool blacked-out and smoked-out looks that can remain legal because the light is so much brighter.

Because projector headlights are brighter, the blacked-out and smoked-out covers don’t really affect the light output when they’re on. When they’re off, your FORD F-150 truck has black or gray headlights, depending on which one you pick.

Why You Want Black-Out Tailights

So, the term “black-out” doesn’t correctly apply to taillights. Taillights can be dark red, smokey red, or like most taillights, just plain red. You don’t see black taillights for several reasons, but the two most important are safety and legality. Unlike projector headlights, taillights can’t be so bright that they blind the other driver, but they also can’t be so dim that the drivers behind you can’t see them. Additionally, all states have some law that requires your tail lights to be red. That means the closest you can get to black taillights is dark red. But on a FORD F-150, they look amazing, particularly when you pair them with blacked-out or smoked-out headlights.

Top Smoked and Black Headlights and Tail Lights

As you’ve come to expect, RECON has a full array of blacked-out and smoked-out FORD F150 headlights and taillights for newer and older model trucks. We also have great options for GMC, CHEVY, and other model trucks, but we’re going to stay focused on FORD F150. Here are some of the products that we have for your FORD F150 pickup:

Black and Smoked Projector Headlights

For a full list of RECON projector headlights for FORD, click here.

Dark Red and Smoked LED Taillights

For a complete list of RECON LED taillights for FORD, click here.

Why RECON’s Black Headlights and Tail Lights Are the Way to Go

With a complete stock of FORD F-150 black and smoked projector headlights and dark-red and smoked taillights spanning ‘04 to current model years, RECON has the light conversion kits that you need for your F-150. RECON’s limited warranty and friendly return policy mean that if you order the wrong part, or you can tell that it’s not going to make your truck look rad, you can return the parts in their original packaging. And if you shop around, you’ll find that our prices beat or compete with any competitors — especially retail operations.

State Laws Affecting Truck Lighting

The last thing you want is to buy and install new headlights or taillights and start getting equipment violation tickets every time you take your FORD F-150 out for a spin. While most cops appreciate a tricked-out truck, they may still draw the line regarding unlawful equipment. The good news is that the projector lights and tail lights that RECON sells are currently street legal in all fifty states. Projector lights are brighter than conventional reflector lights, even with the blacked-out or smoked-out surface, which is why they’re so popular. You may achieve a similar look with headlight covers, but they are not usually legal at night. That means you have to take them off once dusk settles, and who has time for that? The same thing is true with taillight covers. Our LED taillights, however, are street legal since they shine bright red when activated. The lights are complicit with state laws, but check your state’s motor vehicle compliance laws if you’re still unsure. You’ll find they usually read something like this: “An object, material, or covering that alters the headlamp’s light color, may not be placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied over a headlamp.” Our projector headlights and LED taillights are not designed to skirt around the law. They are fully compliant with state laws.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black-Out Lights

Many of the FORD F150 owners who shop RECON have the same questions you do. If you don’t see your question here, contact us today!

What Are Some of the Advantages of Projector Lights?

The main advantage is safety. Because projector lights are brighter, they can help you see better and further at night. From an aesthetic viewpoint, because the smokey or black effects don’t impede the projector lights, the brighter lights allow you to drive with them at night legally. Also, LED bulbs have low heat, a low draw on your battery if you leave them on without the engine running, and they last for years. They may even outlive your FORD F-150, but that’s a tough call.

Can Blacked-out or Smoked-out LED Projector Lights Get Me in Trouble With the Law?

In most states, it’s illegal to put covers over your headlights for night driving. Our products are smoked-out or blacked-out without the use of detachable filters. More importantly, the light is brighter than halogen reflector lights. You should be fine, but if the laws change, we’ll let you know.

Why Aren’t Taillights Available in Black?

All states have laws requiring taillights and brake lights to be red, which is why they’re standard on all U.S. vehicles. Our dark-red LED taillights are as dark as they can be without crossing the line.

What If I Don’t Like the Lights When I Get Them?

RECON stands by all of our products, and lights are no exception. If you receive a product that you don’t care for, you can return it in its packaging for a refund minus a 20 percent shelving fee. Understandably, we can’t accept the return of used items.

Is It Difficult to Install Headlights or Tail Lights?

Our headlight and taillight products are fitted for your F-150 and use the existing wiring. In most cases, all you need is a screwdriver to uninstall your current lights and install the replacements. Always follow the instructions, and if you feel overwhelmed when you’re reading them, don’t be afraid to take your F-150 to the shop.


RECON is America’s top online aftermarket parts dealer for FORD F-150 and other trucks. Shop RECON with the confidence of knowing that you will get the parts you ordered from a company that stands by its name at a competitive price. Light up your FORD F150 by GETTING LIT with RECON today!

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