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How to Install an LED Light Strip

If you’re looking to add affordable, eye-catching customization to your truck or SUV, it’s essential to know how to install an LED light strip. The flexible, waterproof, versatile lighting component is available in virtually endless options, including different colors and lengths to suit your specific tastes and needs. To install an LED light strip, you just need a few minor hand tools that are probably already on shelves in your garage and a few minutes of time. Most configurations are plug-and-play, so you can get your new lights up and running in no time at all.

At RECON, we offer premier aftermarket lighting parts and accessories for trucks and SUVs, making us countless drivers’ retailer of choice for flexible LED light strips and more. Whether your ride is new or old, fitted for LEDs, or requires conversion, and whether you’re looking for a major installation like headlights or the final details such as a custom antenna attachment, we have it all. You’ll find more than twenty different options when it comes to LED light strips, all suitable for interior or exterior use on your vehicle.

Keep reading to learn more about what LED strips are, the many different uses you can get out of them, what you’ll need to complete the installation process, and a complete “How To” guide for set-up. If you’re in the market for the best LED light strips in the game, shop RECON today and GET LIT!

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Installing The Best LED Truck Bed Lights

installing the best led truck bed lightsLED truck bed lights can not only take your truck to the next level in style, but it is also highly functional. Bed lights are required in most states to legally operate your truck, but often the factor installed cargo lights are not always up to the task. This is particularly true if you are carrying a load and the lights are obscured. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing the best LED truck bed lights. Continue reading Installing The Best LED Truck Bed Lights

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Off Road Lights for Trucks and Jeeps

Black Jeep at the head of a rainy off-road trail.

No matter what model truck or SUV you drive, adding off-road headlights is essential for those times you go off the beaten path. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, mudding, driving through the desert or to your favorite camping spot, it can get dark out there. RECON makes sure that you stay lit, adding both style and functionality to your truck with the best selection of off road lights.

Off road lights offer high performance, which is crucial, as driving through wooded areas and terrain with no lights can be dangerous. You need all the visibility you can get and you need your light installation to stand up to impact from branches, sand, debris, and water. Continue reading Off Road Lights for Trucks and Jeeps

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How to Get Moisture Out of Your Headlights

get rid of moisture in your headlight

Finding moisture in headlights is frustrating, especially when you don’t know the source. Most truck owners, at one time or another, will find themselves looking up “how to get moisture out of headlights.” It’s a common problem, and one that can be costly to repair if it isn’t correctly addressed. When it comes to getting rid of the condensation that builds up in your headlights, prevention should be the first line of defense. There are steps that you can take to rid your headlights of water, and then ensure that it stays away for good. Continue reading How to Get Moisture Out of Your Headlights

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How to Install LED Rock Lights

Pick-up truck with LED rock lights

Learning how to install LED rock lights doesn’t have to be complicated. And when you buy from RECON we give you everything you need for a successful installation, including wiring, hardware, and gaskets for a 4 piece kit.  LED rock lights add an unbeatable element of “wow” to your truck. Once you pick the color you’re looking for and buy your brand new set of LED rock lights, installation is the next step. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes and be ready to put on a show with your new jaw-dropping display. Continue reading How to Install LED Rock Lights

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The Top Tips for Maintaining Your Truck

Well maintained white pickup truck.

Once you’ve customized your truck using the best aftermarket parts and lights, you’ll want to know the best truck maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Keeping your truck properly maintained does more than just ensuring that it looks its best at all times, but it will help you save money in the long-run.

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The Lifespan and Installation Process of LED Truck Headlights

Man standing next to newly installed LED truck headlights.

There are many benefits to installing LED headlight bulbs on your truck, and RECON offers more than ten different models to meet the unique needs of your lifestyle and vehicle. The greatest benefit to installing LED truck headlights is the brighter output of the bulbs, as well as their long lifespan.

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How to Easily Change Your Truck’s Headlight Bulbs

Blue pickup truck in front of mountains

If you’re looking to easily change your truck’s headlight bulbs, whether you’re replacing halogen, HID, or LED lights, it can be a simple process if you follow these steps. There are several items you’ll want to make sure you have before you get started. Make sure you have a clear workspace away from any street traffic or potential hazards. Never attempt to change your headlight bulbs if it’s raining or in a wet environment, since you’ll be working with electrical components. Safety always comes first.

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Replacing Halogen Headlights: Everything You Should Know

Two trucks in need of halogen headlight replacement

If you’re looking to replace your halogen headlights with LED or HID bulbs, there are a few things you should know before you get started. The popularity of LED and HID headlights as aftermarket truck parts has continued to rise in recent years, due to certain advantages that they have over the conventional halogen option.

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Foggy Headlights: Common Causes and Best Restoration Methods

Foggy headlights being cleaned properly

Whether you have halogen, LED, or HID lights, sooner or later every truck owner is going to struggle with foggy, hazy headlights. It’s a fact of aging, and nothing stays new forever, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. 

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