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Choosing the Best Custom Tail Lights for Your Truck

Rear view of red pickup truck with custom tail lights.

When choosing the best aftermarket, custom tail lights for your truck, there are many options to consider. Not only can you select custom tail lights, but you can opt to purchase tailgate light bars, custom brake lights, truck bed light kits, and illuminated license plate kits. The options to customize your truck with aftermarket tail lights and accessories are endless. With all the parts available, you can design a one-of-a-kind truck that is truly yours.

Choosing Custom Tail Lights for Your Truck

There are endless ways to customize your truck’s tail lights, beyond just the type of bulb that is used in the tail light itself. There are many other components of lighting on the back of your truck, and there are even more aftermarket parts that you can use for customization.

Knowing what’s right for your truck ultimately comes down to personal preference. There are many options that can not only increase the aesthetic of your vehicle but also increase safety for yourself and other drivers.

Custom LED Truck Tail Lights

Just as LED headlight bulbs are becoming a more popular choice for aftermarket truck parts, so are custom LED taillights. While the LEDs provide a crucial safety function, as they are brighter and easier for other drivers to see, they also last much longer than the stock halogen bulbs most trucks come with.

Aftermarket truck tail lights come in a variety of designs, meaning that you can choose an installation that’s unique and matches the rest of your truck’s look. You’ll stand out on the road. LED taillight installations come in a variety of shapes and color arrangements, with white, red, and black elements. From the classic vertical, rectangular shape, to winged or angled styles, custom tail lights provide a modern, rugged look.

There are smoked lenses, and a wide arrangement of the LED truck tail lights. If you own a Ford F250/350/450/550, check out these custom tail lights. They utilize the OEM blind-spot warning system, and even though the lens is clear, the bold white lines against the chrome background and red accents make a strong statement.

If you’re looking for something clean and sleek, check out these tail lights with scanning OLED turn signals designed for the Dodge 13-18 Ram.

For other makes and models, you can search here to find the best custom tail light for your truck.

Custom Aftermarket Third Brake Lights

If you’re going for a whole-custom look, don’t stop at just the tail lights themselves. Many products compliment tail lights on the back of your truck and add to the uniqueness of your vehicle. They also increase your safety on the road.

Third brake lights are the perfect addition. Here at RECON, we offer a wide variety of third brake lights for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Hummer, and Jeep trucks. Third brake lights are a must-have for truck owners. They’re positioned at the top-center of the back of your cab, providing one more level of protection for yourself and other drivers.

Third brake lights activate at the same time as your regular brake lights, providing one more added signal to cars behind you that you are slowing down. This is crucial if you’re driving in the dark.

Just like custom tail lights, third brake lights come in a variety of designs for you to choose from. Whether your preference is clear lens, smoked lens, red, or white lights, Recon provides tons of options. Select either a sleek “stealth” third brake light or a high power scanning LED 3rd brake light to complete the look of your truck.

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, these lights provide optimal visibility for other drivers.

Custom LED Tailgate Bars

Another way to increase visibility on the road, while showing off the bold look of your truck, LED tailgate bars add style to your vehicle. Tailgate bars come in a variety of colors and styles. They are installed on the back of your truck bed, over your license plate. Not only do they add more visibility, but LED tailgate bars illuminate the back of your truck for ultimate style.

Tailgate bars can be a variety of lengths, depending on the look you’re going for. They can be as short as 12 inches, or span the entire length of the back of your truck. They come in different styles, from a straight, seamless line of LED light, to lines of dotted light, and can be customized to virtually any color.

If you’re looking for something different, check out this mini-tailgate bar with LED running lights, turn signals, and ultra bright reverse lights.  For a tailgate bar that will span the length of your truck bed, Recon offers this 60 inch, dual row LED amber light. This particular model also features white LED reverse lights, providing even further benefit.

Custom Bed Rail and Cargo Light Kits

If you work, go fishing, hunting, or off-roading while it’s dark out, you’ll definitely want to check out the custom bed rail and cargo light kits for your truck. With LED bulbs, these kits provide clean, bright lighting in even the darkest environments.

If you’re frequently getting material in and out of your truck, these light kits provide an extra element of convenience. No more holding flashlights while you’re trying to secure items in your truck bed. The bed rail and cargo light kits do the job for you.

This universal model comes with two mounts that can be attached almost anywhere on the back of your truck and can be customized in seven colors.

Illuminated License Plate Kits for Your Truck

You’ve already put so much work into customizing the rest of your truck with aftermarket tail lights and accessories. You can’t forget the license plate. Custom license plate illumination kits are just another option you have to make your truck stand out.

Just like all other aftermarket truck parts from RECON, there are assemblies that meet everyone’s style. You can choose a brushed aluminum plate holder, that fits all standard license plates and has LED reverse lights or illumination kits that include both red and white lights. The red lights act as running lights, while the white LED lights face your license plate.

The variety of aftermarket lights that you can add to the back of your truck are all extensions of your custom tail lights, adding to the distinctive look you’ve created. There won’t be another truck on the road that’s quite like yours.

Installing Custom Tail Lights and Accessories on Your Truck

Once you’ve chosen the right custom tail lights for your truck, along with any additional accessories to complete the look, the next step is the installation process. Many of our products have a “plug and play design,” meaning that you’ll be up and running with your new custom lights in just a matter of minutes. Whether you’re a car professional, or just getting into the world of aftermarket products, RECON parts make it easy for you.

For installations that may be more difficult to complete, we offer installation guides and have expert staff on hand to help you throughout the process. Not only are we able to find the best tail lights and accessories for your truck, but we’ll help you find the right product at the right cost.

Our support for our customers doesn’t end after you’ve completed a purchase. Our Customer Service line offers support over the phone, should you have any questions either while you’re installing your new parts, or in the months to come. RECON prides itself as not only offering a great selection of aftermarket truck lights but also as serving as a resource for each one of our customers.

The Benefits of Buying From RECON

There are even more benefits of purchasing aftermarket truck tail lights and accessories from RECON. We offer same-day order processing and fulfillment, online warranty return authorization forms, and product specialists to assist with installation.

We work directly with dealers and manufacturers, to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and compatible with the makes and models they are designed for. This means our products will last, and you can be assured that you’re getting the very best aftermarket truck lights on the market.

Not only do we produce parts for major model trucks and SUVs, but we offer a large selection of universal parts, too. You can customize virtually any vehicle using RECON aftermarket lights.

Visit RECON today for even more accessories to personalize your vehicle.

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Are My Truck’s Tinted Tail Lights Legal?

Back view of row of pickup trucks showing legal tail lights.

When having aftermarket truck tail lights installed on your truck, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a ticket for them in the future. Tinted tail lights have become extremely popular in recent years, due to their sleek and modern look. But are tinted tail lights legal? It depends.

Laws Regarding Tinted Tail Lights

Unfortunately there is no blanket answer the question of whether or not tinted tail lights are legal. Laws regarding acceptable tail lights vary greatly by state, and can even vary by county and town. The only way to be sure that your truck’s aftermarket tail lights are legal is to check with your local municipality or Division of Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) or Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Driving with tail lights that are non-compliant with the law can get you an expensive ticket, and no one wants to spend money upgrading their truck just to get fined for all the hard work they put into it. There are some general rules you can follow when working on your truck’s aftermarket tail lights.


All states require that vehicle tail lights be clearly visible, especially at night, from a certain number of feet away. This applies to tail lights that are tinted as well as those that aren’t. This means that should your tail lights be obscured by dirt or snow, making them difficult to see, you can be pulled over. Even if you have one tail light that isn’t visible, because of a dead lightbulb for example, a police officer has a valid reason to stop you. 

In some states the law regarding how far the light of your tail lights must reach is 500 feet, while in others it may be 1,000 feet. All states also require that your rear turn signal be clearly visible. If you can’t see your truck’s tinted tail lights at night, or can’t see them very well due to the tint, they are probably not legal.

Another factor that comes into play regarding visibility is the percentage your tail lights are tinted. Similar to window tinting laws, different states have different policies. Some states may allow a tail light tint as long as it is within their guidelines.

These varying requirements makes it essential to check your local laws before installing tinted tail lights, so you won’t be left wondering, “are tinted tail lights legal?”


Some states also require that your tail lights adhere to certain color guidelines, no matter what. The most common colors are red, white/clear, and yellow/amber. In states with color requirements, any tints that alter the appearance of your tail lights in these regards will be considered illegal.

Blacked-Out Tail Lights

One thing is for sure. Blacked-out tail lights are illegal in all 50 states. If you can’t see anything through your tail lights, and you can’t see your turn signal when it’s turned on, your tinted tail lights are illegal. This is for safety purposes. Other drivers need to be able to see when you’re braking, coming to a stop, and getting ready to turn. Having tail lights that are clearly visible is crucial to avoiding accidents.

The Best Choice For Your Truck

If you’ve checked with your local DMV/DOT or police station regarding the question “are tinted tail lights legal?” and determined that they definitely are not legal where you live, there are other options to upgrade your truck with aftermarket tail lights to give you that edge you’re looking for. 

Here at RECON, we’re dedicated to helping each of our customers design the truck that matches their vision. You drive your truck every day, and we share the same passion that you do of building a masterpiece that you can take pride in.