LED Air Dam Light Kits

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Showing all 8 results

Shop RECON universal parts for air dam light kits suitable for many MAKE and MODEL trucks and SUVs. Front lower air dam lights can add a special edge to your truck, making the part not just functional but also tough-looking and stylish. The best part about shopping at RECON for all your air dam light kit needs is that our universal lighting accessories fit trucks and SUVs, both new and old, so your ride can GET LIT no matter what.

Air Dam Light Kits: MAKE & MODEL Vehicles

Here at RECON, we have love for all trucks and SUVs. We know that some drivers take great pride in taking a new whip home straight off the lot, while others like to hold onto their trucks for decades. No matter which group of truck and SUV drivers you fall into, one thing is for sure. We know that you love your truck and spend a significant amount of time adding aftermarket lights and upgrades. We get it because we are truck lovers ourselves, always looking for the next great addition to upgrade our rides. That’s why we sell front lower air dam lights that are sure to be total show stoppers, turning the heads of fellow truck lovers and keeping you safe both on and off the road.

Find air dam lights at RECON for the following MAKE & MODEL trucks and SUVs:

  • FORD
  • JEEP
  • And More

Universal air dam light kits are suitable for trucks and SUVs that are the current manufacturing year, serving as the perfect finishing touch on even the newest vehicles. Additionally, they also fit rides that date back to the mid-1990s and prior, meaning that they add a new and modern appearance to older vehicles, all while providing the same great performance that you have come to expect from your RECON aftermarket lighting parts and accessories.

The Benefits of Air Dam Light Kits

Whether your truck or SUV came home from the dealership with a lower front air dam already installed, or you added it yourself after having your truck for some time, the chances are that you’re familiar with that as a driver and truck lover the benefits of the part. Lower-front air dams are a front spoiler that many drivers choose to add as they press the nose of your truck or SUV slightly down toward the ground, maximizing your vehicle’s traction on the road.

You may also hear this part on your truck referred to as a front splitter, front lip spoiler, or front valance, however, all of these things serve the same purpose on your vehicle. Many drivers love the appearance of the part, as well as the added benefit of moving air around your truck or SUV as you drive, therefore improving performance.

Air dams are essential for drivers who frequently top speeds of 80 mph, which is when the effect is able to kick in. Many truck drivers appreciate not just better traction that these parts provide, but they also experience better control over their truck or SUV when driving at high speeds, as well as smoothing steering and acceleration when turning.

Air Dam Light Kits

The purpose of air dam light kits is mostly in the form of style. Not only do lower front-end air dams look cool on your truck or SUV, but the lights add a whole new element to your appearance. Additionally, more lights on a truck are never a bad thing. They improve your visibility both on the road and when parked, which can help other drivers spot you from far away and therefore decrease the risk of accidents. This is particularly true in poor weather and at night when visibility may be low.

The Benefit of LED Lights

When you shop RECON for air dam lights, every installation will be suitable for use with LED light bulbs. LED air dam lights pose many benefits compared to traditional halogen bulbs that many parts used in years past. First, LED air dam lights have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, and they do not experience the same “burnout” effect. Instead, the air dam lights are likely to slowly lose power and intensity over time, meaning you will have a fair warning when it may be nearing the time to replace them. No more powering up your truck or SUV to suddenly realize there’s a bulb out.

Additionally, LED light bulbs in air dam light kits are more impact resistant compared to halogen bulbs, and they have a lifespan of many years. For this reason, they save drivers both time and money, as well as put less strain on your vehicle’s battery.

Shop Air Dam Light Kits at RECON Today

For the very best LED air dam lights, shop RECON universal parts today and GET LIT. You will find air dam light installations for virtually every MAKE and MODEL truck and SUV from any manufacturing year. And remember, all RECON aftermarket accessories come backed by a limited warranty.