Roof Vinyl Wraps

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Showing all 6 results

truck roof vinyl wrapsVinyl roof wraps are a great way to distinguish your truck from other vehicle customizations. Each wrap has a unique brand or logo you can easily install on top of your roof. Unlike other customization methods, adding a vinyl roof wrap is inexpensive, especially since you do not need to pay a mechanic any installation fees. In addition to giving your vehicle a unique look, there are also practical benefits to installing a vehicle wrap.

Roof Vinyl Wraps

Unlike other decoration types, vinyl roof wraps do not void your warranty. Vinyl wraps are also easier to customize than other decoration methods. For example, with paint jobs, you must be a good artist to decorate your truck.

Another reason to use a vinyl roof wrap over other decoration methods is how easy it is to change. If you decide you are not happy, you can remove your current wrap and install a new one. Vinyl roof wraps are naturally resilient, so it is much harder to damage the image compared to paints or other truck decorations.

Vinyl roof wraps are an effective way to cover up any dings or dents along your roof. The wrap also preserves the paint underneath your roof. Many drivers end up increasing the resale value of their trucks since the wrap preserves the original paint along your roof.

Types of Roof Vinyl Wraps

There are many patriotic vinyl roof wraps available for your truck. There are multiple flag variants available. If you want something different than the traditional USA flag, consider a black and white or black and silver variant. You can also select a Texas flag wrap.

Installing a Vinyl Roof Wrap

Vinyl roof wraps are easy to install. You can complete the installation on your own, but it is easier if you have a friend assisting you. You only need a few items to install your roof wrap. Surface cleaner wipes, a cutting tool, and a squeegee applicator are the only required items. You may also want cotton gloves and a heat gun.

The first step to installing your vinyl roof wraps is finding a suitable location. The best location to install a roof wrap is dry, clean, and in a warm environment. Garages are an excellent choice, but make sure you dust first.

The next step is to measure and cut the vinyl. The standard vinyl roof wraps are 51 x 39. When you measure your roof, add a few extra inches to the final measurement. This gives you a little wiggle room when applying the vinyl. If you end up with more material than you need, you can trim whatever hangs over your roof.

Before applying your vinyl roof wrap, wash the surface of your roof. Be thorough and get rid of all the dirt, dust, or grime. Soap and water are all you need to clean your truck. Do not use any wax or car shampoos, as this will damage the adhesive on the vinyl. Give your roof time to dry, then wipe it down one last time with cleaning wipes. If you want to be as thorough as possible, consider wearing gloves when you wipe the roof down.

Take your vinyl roof wrap and remove the backing paper. Be careful not to touch the adhesive paper underneath. You also want to avoid any dirt or dust getting on the vinyl. The adhesive is strong, but it will not stick until you apply pressure onto it. Slide the vinyl roof wrap into position on top of your truck.

Once it is secure, press down on the vinyl using the edge of your squeegee applicator. Press towards the center of your roof and slowly drag the applicator towards you. If you have someone assisting you, you are each recommended to choose one side to press down. This is not required, but it greatly speeds up the process.

Vinyl roof wraps are built with special channels on the adhesive. This reduces the chance of bubbles while you are applying pressure. If you make a mistake and want to adjust the wrap, gently peel the vinyl back. Go slow, and do not try and rip the vinyl off. Once you are done, trim off the edges or any overhanging vinyl.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Roof Wrap

Vinyl roof wraps are resilient but still require basic maintenance. Too much time in the sun can weaken your wrap. Whenever possible, park your truck in a garage or under shade. Soap and water are the best way to clean your roof wrap.

Avoid using oil-based cleaning products. You can also visit the brushless car washes. The occasional brush car wash is fine, but going too often can weaken the roof wrap.

Trucks Supported with Roof Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl roof wraps are compatible with most trucks and even many models of Jeep. You can even install roof wraps on trucks with a sunroof. Some specific brands include:

  • FORD
  • JEEP Wrangler