Chevy Silverado 07-13 Projector Headlights OLED Halos DRL Smoked/Black


RECON Part # 264195BKC – PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS – Chevrolet Silverado 07-13 (2nd GEN Single-Wheel & 07-14 Dually) PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS w/ Ultra High Power Smooth OLED HALOS & DRL – Smoked / Black

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Chevrolet Silverado Headlights

If you are looking for 07-13 Silverado headlights, this set provides a unique look, making for the perfect truck upgrade. They are made to match 2nd Generation Single-Wheel models manufactured from 2007-2013, as well as Dually models manufactured from 2007-2014.

We know that Chevy lovers hold onto their trucks, since they’re built to last. So are these projector headlights. Ultra durable and ultra modern, they make for a great swap from factory installed or outdated aftermarket 07 Silverado headlights, through 2013/2014 models. They’re bound to last for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

Chevy Silverado Projector Headlight Features

  • Fits 07-13 Silverado
  • Fits 07-13 Silverado 2nd Gen Single Wheel
  • Firs 07-14 Silverado 2nd Gen Dually
  • Ultra High Power Smooth OLED Halos & DRL
  • Smoked/Black Lens

With a smoked/black lens, and ultra high power OLED bulbs, these projector Silverado headlights are designed to provide ultimate visibility in all driving conditions. The low beams and high beams are separated by a sleek dual row of horizontal lights, meant to give your truck that custom look you’ve been searching for.

A Note from RECON

RECON projector headlights come with 4 standard halogen bulbs already installed. However, if you wish to upgrade to HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs for your projector Low-Beams, then you must order 1 set of any of the the following part #’s: 264H1HID, 264H1DW, 264H1PB, or 264H1SY.

If you wish to also upgrade to HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs in the High-Beam portion of your new RECON Projector Headlights, then you must also order 1 set of the following part #’s: 264H1HID, 264H1DW, 264H1PB, or 264H1SY.

Keep in mind there are two H1 bulbs in each projector headlight, so you will need to buy two sets of headlight bulbs for these Chevy Silverado headlights if you are upgrading the bulbs in both the low-beam and the high-beam.

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2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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