Ford Super Duty 99-16 5 Piece Cab Lights Xenon Bulbs Smoked Lens in Amber


RECON Part # 264142BK – CAB ROOF LIGHTS – Ford 99-16 Superduty (5-Piece Set) Smoked Cab Roof Light Lenses Only & Amber Xenon Bulbs

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Ford Superduty Cab Lights

If you’re a driver of a ’99 Ford Superduty, all the way up through a 2016 Ford Superduty, this 5-piece cab roof light set is made for your truck. We’re big Ford lovers here at RECON, which is why we believe in making parts that fit trucks dating back even twenty years.

The RECON 264142BK model offers smoked cab lights for the F250, and every other Superduty model manufactured through those years. The best part is that we offer a complete set of five, all at one reasonable price.

Ford Superduty Xenon Bulb Features

  • Fits 99-16 Ford Superduty
  • 5-Piece Set
  • Smoked lenses
  • Amber Xenon Bulbs

Smoked Cab Lights for F250 and All Other Superduty Models

These cab lights are so efficient and so well loved that we made sure they fit the widest range of Ford Superduty trucks possible. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a truck you’ve had for twenty years, or a truck you’ve had for just a few, you deserve the best cab lights on the market. Your upgrades should look fresh and compliment your truck no matter what year it was manufactured. That’s why we made the 264142BK part.

Xenon Bulb Highlights

These RECON exclusive Ford Superduty cab lights come with amber Xenon bulbs and a smoked lens. The smoked lens adds an extra element of tough to your truck. Dark by day but bright at night, the Xenon bulbs have an average lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours, meaning they last five times as long as traditional halogen bulbs. They require less power to operate, meaning that not only do they last longer, but these superduty cab lights put less strain on your truck’s battery.

If you drive a ’99 Ford Superduty – 2016 Ford Superduty, these cab lights are a perfect fit, both mechanically and visually. Give your truck the upgrade it’s been waiting for, at the most affordable price out there.

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