GMC & Chevy 07-14 3 Piece Cab Roof Light Set OLED Smoked Lens in White


GMC & Chevy 07-14 (2nd GEN Body Style) Heavy-Duty (3-Piece Set) Smoked Cab Roof Light Lens with White LED’s – (Complete Wiring Kit Sold Separately)

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  • Fits GMC & Chevy 07-14 (2nd GEN Body Style) Heavy-Duty
  • (3-Piece Set) Smoked Cab Roof Light Lens
  • White High-Power OLED Bar-Style LED’s – (Complete Wiring Kit Sold Separately)

3-Piece Cab Roof Light Set for GMC & Chevy Trucks

Designed for 2007-2014 2nd Generation Body Style GMC & Chevy trucks, the RECON 3-piece cab roof set with OLED white lights and a smoked lens makes for the perfect upgrade. Whether you’re looking for cab lights for GMC or Chevy trucks, this set does the trick.

With this set, you’ll personalize your truck, giving it a look that’s yours alone. Don’t go searching the internet for products that may or may not be a match for your GMC or Chevy. Shop at RECON where we guarantee the products advertised to fit your make and model will do exactly that.

Not only will you find the highest quality aftermarket truck accessories here at RECON, but you’ll also find the best prices. Don’t take your chances with low-quality cab lights for Chevy or GMC trucks. Get it right the first time.

If you’re looking to customize your truck even further, check out additional aftermarket GMC truck accessories from RECON, as well as our selection of aftermarket Chevy truck parts.

OLED Light Bulbs That Stand Out

If you’re looking for an excellent upgrade with a set of cab lights, you don’t want them to be just any cab lights. You want to be bright. You want them to be tough, rugged, and built to last. With OLED lights, you’ll get just that. These RECON cab lights are heavy-duty, made for your lifestyle.

OLED light bulbs emit a whiter, brighter light than even their LED counterparts, making them the bulb of choice for truck lovers everywhere. Considered to be the highest quality, longest lasting, and most durable light bulbs out there, when you purchase these cab lights for Chevy and GMC trucks you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about frequent or costly repairs and replacements.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Not only does this 3-piece cab roof light set add an extra element of customization to your truck, but it’s designed with safety in mind. Due to the bright light emitted by the OLED bulbs, and the mount on the top of your truck’s roof, you’ll have much greater visibility.

Greater visibility is better not just for you, but for other drivers as well. If you frequently drive at night, or in poor weather conditions, these cab lights for Chevy and GMC trucks are a must-have. They will provide you with an extra set of beams, and other drivers will be able to see you more quickly when looking in their rear view mirrors.

Think about it. Ultra bright, super cool, sure-to-stand-out cab lights that give you more safety on the road. There’s no reason not to buy them.

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2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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