Ford Super Duty F250/350/450/550 11-16 Projector Headlights OLED Halos & DRL Clear/Chrome

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SKU: 264272CLC

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RECON Part # 264272CLC - PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS - Ford Superduty 11-16 F250/F350/F450/F550 PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS w/ Ultra High Power Smooth OLED HALOS & DRL - Clear / Chrome

RECON projector headlights come with 4 standard halogen bulbs already installed; however, if you wish to upgrade to LEDs, HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs for your projector Low-Beams, then you must order 1 set of any of the following part #’s: 264H7LEDHPNB, 264H7HID, 264H7DW, 264H7PB. If you wish to also upgrade to HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs in the High-Beam portion of these new Ford Superduty Projector Headlights, then you must also order 1 set of the following part #’s: 264H1LEDHPNB, 264H1DW, 264H1PB, or 264H1SY.

Get super lit by installing super duty halo headlights on your Ford truck. These have additional style features that include an LED tube around the edge as a sequential turn signal and DRL. At the side of each of the super duty headlights are the amber reflector lens. Turn signals are also amber.

Suppose you want to take your truck’s style factor to a new level. The super duty halo headlights deliver style, function, and durability. The “wow” factor is present in the dual projector design with an optional upgrade to high output LED bulbs.

Lenses on the Super Duty Halo Headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic with an additional layer of an anti-fog agent on the headlights. This allows for better visibility in inclement weather. Yellow lenses are a thing of the past with these super duty headlights as an additional agent is applied to protect against discoloration.

The Ford Super Duty Halo Headlight is a projector headlight that is fully SAE compliant and DOT approved. Installation is as simple as removing two bolts and screws, popping out the old lights, and replacing them with the new ones. These headlights have a DRL feature, so you must apply the DRL module that comes in the package.

This is not a mod project because the halo headlights are easily removable if you choose to sell your truck in the future. Or maybe you’ll want to replace them with new lights down the road. Because of this, it does not invalidate your factory warranty.

Recon’s Super Duty Halo Headlights come as a set of two with four standard halogen bulbs installed. Use H1 and H7 bulbs for the projector headlights. This product is suitable for use in Ford F150 trucks manufactured between 2015-2017

ATTN: These F-150 RECON Projector Headlights will ONLY replace factory OEM Halogen Style Headlights

Additional Information

Make :

  • Ford

Model :

  • Superduty F-250
  • Superduty F-350
  • Superduty F-450
  • Superduty F-550

Supported Years :

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Part # :