Ford Raptor Truck Lights & Accessories

ford raptor truck lightingThere are multiple types of FORD RAPTOR accessories available. Some accessories enhance the visual aesthetic of your truck, while others improve your performance. Because it is part of the F-150 line, many FORD RAPTOR parts are compatible with other F-150 vehicles. With a few exceptions, the majority of FORD RAPTOR accessories are easy to install. If you are not comfortable rewiring electronics or planning a bigger project, you may need to hire a mechanic.

FORD RAPTOR Truck Lights

FORD RAPTOR lights are typically one of the first parts RAPTOR owners upgrade. There are two reasons you want to get new lights. The first reason is to increase illumination from your headlights, making it easier to see the road. If you plan on purchasing other FORD RAPTOR parts to go off-roading, it is strongly recommended to invest in stronger lights. Upgrading your lights is also important if you normally drive in areas with bad weather, like heavy rain or snowstorms.

The second reason for upgrading your RAPTOR lights is recommended to increase your overall visibility to other drivers. You can attach multiple types of lights to your vehicle to make it easier to spot on the road. Taillights are the most common upgrade, but an LED emblem also makes your truck easier to see. This not only reduces the chance of getting into an accident in bad weather conditions, but it helps identify your truck if you are ever stranded on the side of the road and need to call for assistance.

Types of FORD RAPTOR Truck Lights

It is easy to get overwhelmed, looking at FORD RAPTOR parts because of how many models are available. While there are numerous types of lights available, many fall under the same general category. For example, there are many headlights available in different sizes. The overall product is the same, with the only difference being whether it fits in your model of truck or not.

With FORD RAPTOR lights, the biggest quality difference comes from the type of bulb you choose. There are three primary categories of bulbs. Older FORD RAPTORs are more likely to have halogen bulbs. In the past, halogen bulbs were the cheapest to mass-produce. The bulbs contain a special filament, which generates bright beams of light when burned. While halogen bulbs are still cheap to produce today, there are much stronger and safer variants available.

Other FORD RAPTOR accessories use High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. These bulbs utilize Xenon gas to produce light. While they are technically more efficient than halogen bulbs, they are much more expensive. This is because there are stricter laws regarding HID lights.

The strongest and most efficient FORD RAPTOR lights use LED bulbs. Some of the newest RAPTOR models include LED head or taillights by default, while others offer the option to upgrade for a small fee. There are several reasons LED bulbs are considered better than the other options. The first is longevity. FORD RAPTOR accessories with LED bulbs use much less power than other bulbs. This greatly increases how long you can use the bulbs. Most drivers get between 50,000 to 100,000 hours from their LED products.

LED Head and Tail Lights

The first FORD RAPTOR lights you want to upgrade are your head and tail lights. Headlights have the most impact on visibility, while taillights make it easier to spot your vehicle. Projector headlights are an excellent upgrade if you want something stronger than the standard headlights. Projector headlights contain a special lens, which amplifies your LED bulbs. These FORD RAPTOR accessories also contain an angled cutoff shield, which keeps your headlights pointed downwards towards the road. This not only increases visibility but keeps your taller truck from blinding drivers in smaller vehicles. LED fog lights are also available if you are concerned about poor weather conditions.

There are multiple FORD RAPTOR parts for your tail lights. In addition to installing standard LED taillights, you can also get an LED third brake light. There are also rear bumpers and LED illuminated license plate lights.

Illuminated Emblems

There are multiple RAPTOR light kits to enhance your truck visually. One popular option is illuminating your FORD emblem. LED illuminated emblems are easy to install. With most emblems, you can use heavy-duty tape to attach the lights. If you are replacing an emblem on your vehicle’s front or back, you may have to open the hood or back paneling to wire the emblem. In addition to emblems, you can get an illuminated door sill to brighten the side of your vehicle.

Trucks Supported with FORD RAPTOR Truck Lights

FORD RAPTOR accessories are compatible with any other F-150 vehicle. LED bulbs are compatible with the standard 11th, 12th, and 13th generation of F-150’s, as well as the FORD RANGER. The biggest difference between different types of F-150s is the size of the lights. Most lights include which generation they were designed for right in the title, typically represented by many years. For example, the 11th generation includes any F-150 made between 2004 and 2008.