best led tailgate light bar

2020's Best LED Tailgate Light Bar for Trucks

A New Year means that it’s time for some new truck upgrades, and what better choice than a new LED tailgate light bar? Not only are they practical, but they look awesome on your truck, and there are plenty of ways to create a customized look that matches the look you want for your vehicle.

So, what’s the best LED tailgate light bar of 2020? When you shop at RECON, there’s no way that you can go wrong. No matter what make or model truck or SUV you drive, we have a style for you. Check out our selection and find just what you’re looking for.

What Is the Purpose of a Tailgate Bar?

Tailgate bars serve a practical purpose on your truck. They make great sense as an aftermarket addition not just for style, but for safety. Selecting an LED tailgate bar makes even more sense.

The purpose of a tailgate bar on your truck is to increase visibility. Other drivers will be able to see your truck from further away, decreasing your chance of accidents on the road. It is less likely that another driver will rear end you, as a tailgate bar provides an extra element of light to make your presence known.

Not only do they make your truck itself more visible, but they call attention to your brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals. It is more likely that other drivers will see your signals and be able to anticipate what direction you’re going, again, decreasing the chance of accidents.

An LED tailgate bar is an investment in protecting your truck and your own personal safety. If you’ve taken the time, care, and spent the money to customize your truck the last thing you want is any damage occurring to it as the result of an accident. Give your truck a unique look and enhance it’s safety. It’s a win-win.

Additional Benefits of an LED Tailgate Bar

Selecting an LED tailgate bar gives you even further benefits. LED lights produce a cleaner, brighter light than traditional halogen bulbs, giving you an added element of visibility. Another great benefit is that they are extremely long lasting. Many LED lights last for years and years, meaning that the chance of having to replace them is low.

In fact, it’s possible for LED lights to last longer than you have your truck, meaning that you may never have to replace your tailgate light bar at all.

The Best LED Tailgate Light Bar for Your Truck

You don’t want just any LED tailgate light bar. You want the best LED tailgate light bar, and that’s exactly what we offer here at RECON. A product that’s customized to meet your needs. A product that’s sure to last. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the best product to purchase.

The Make and Model of Your Truck

When determining the best LED tailgate bar to purchase, the first thing to consider is the make and model of your truck. At RECON we offer products for almost any truck or SUV that you could imagine. With our wide variety of universal parts, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will find something to match your vehicle. You can rest assured that you will.

Or, you can shop by make and model specifically. We make the process easy so that you’re sure to get the right product the first time around.

We have a large variety of universal LED tailgate light bars, as well as products designed specifically for certain trucks.

Check out this mini LED tailgate light bar for Ford Superduty trucks, for example. Or, if you have a Ford, Chevy, or GMC Turbo Diesel or Heavy Duty truck, we have items designed specifically for those as well. Like this mini tailgate light bar with amber LED running lights, turn signals, and an amber lens.

The Different Size Options

There are many ways to customize your truck or SUV, and LED tailgate light bars are no exception. We offer a variety of sizes so that you can create a look for your truck and your truck only. Our products come in a variety of sizes.

You can select from a larger size that spans the length of your tailgate, such as our 49 inch tailgate bar with red brake lights and white reverse lights. It’s designed to fit most flare side and smaller trucks and SUVs. It fits Nissans, Dodges, Chevys, GMCs, Fords, and Hummers, among others.

Or, if you’re looking to create something different, purchase a RECON 15 inch mini tailgate bar, with running lights, brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights. Mini tailgate bars are great if you’re looking to illuminate just part of the area, such as the sides by your brake lights, or over your license plate. You can also buy multiple mini tailgate light bars and space them out above your bumper.

If you want to develop a look that’s really unique by using mini tailgate bars, purchase several in different colors and mix and match them. You can do two white bars on the sides and a red or amber bar in the middle. Or, use two medium sized bars for the purpose of leaving a break in color just above your license plate.

The design is completely up to you. RECON offers LED tailgate light bar sizes including 15 inch, 49 inch, and 60 inch. No matter what size your truck is, you can find a product that fits exactly the way you would like it to.

The Different Style Options

No two trucks are the same, and at RECON we offer the best LED taillight light bar for the style you’re looking for. They come in a variety of colors, such as amber, white, and red. There are light bars that create a sleek, continuous look using smaller bulbs that give the illusion of a single line of light, and tailgate light bars with larger bulbs so that you can see each individual light.

Deciding on what product to buy is all about personal preference, and we aim to deliver a product for each and every customer that shops at RECON.

Installing LED Tailgate Light Bars

At RECON, we believe in being here for our customers even after they’ve completed a purchase. We won’t leave you hanging in the dark. If you are planning on installing your new product yourself, but aren’t quite sure what to do, head on over to our online installation guide page.

We offer four handy installation guides for our LED tailgate light bars that are downloadable, along with countless other product guides in case you buy more than just one product.

Of course, if you would like to speak with a technician, we have technical representatives available by phone to answer any questions you may have. They are available 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday. We are also available by email at any time, so how ever you would like to communicate, RECON makes it easy.

Visit our customer service page if you have any questions or concerns regarding any RECON parts.

Don’t Limit Your Truck Upgrades

If you’re customizing your truck for the New Year, RECON has parts for every wish, not just LED tailgate light bars. You can create a whole new truck without purchasing a new vehicle. Any automotive light that you’re looking for, the chances are that we have it.

Check out our selection of parts such as projector headlights, LED/Mirror puddle lights, custom truck antennas, and so much more.

Also, if you simply need a replacement bulb and not a full installation, we have you covered there, too. We offer LED replacement bulbs in a wide variety of colors and styles. Even if you didn’t purchase your original aftermarket truck light fixture from us, our bulbs will work.

Truck Parts Built to Last

Your truck is rugged, tough, and powerful. So are our aftermarket truck parts. We know the frustration of buying a new part just to have it give out shortly after purchase. At RECON we strive to provide only the best LED tailgate light bars, along with every other part that we sell.

That’s why our products come with a warranty. You can also return or exchange any parts that you have purchased, as long as they are in new condition with all the pieces they came with. We offer convenient warranty return authorization sheets online that you can complete, print out, and return with your part.

Please be advised that all returns are subject to a restocking fee and shipping charges are not eligible for reimbursement.

For all of your aftermarket truck part lighting needs, shop RECON. You won’t be disappointed.