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The Best LED Tailgate Light Bar: Why May Day Is a Step Up

The best LED tailgate light bar is available right here at RECON, and we’re excited to share the specs, details, and features with our customers and fellow truck lovers. Many drivers come to us and ask, “what is the best LED tailgate light bar for my truck?” We have the answer right here, and the best news of all is that it’s a RECON universal aftermarket lighting part, which means that no matter what make and model you drive, it likely suits your ride.

The best tailgate light bar available at RECON, or anywhere else for that matter, is the May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar, and it’s available in multiple sizes to meet your specific needs. The May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar is available exclusively at RECON, so be sure to grab it here while you can.

Keep reading to learn more about the best LED tailgate light bar we have to offer, the benefits of installing the aftermarket lighting component on your truck and SUV, and the superior function and performance you’ll find in this part.

Benefits of LED Tailgate Light Bars

Trucks and SUVs don’t come with OEM factory-installed LED light bars right off the lot, but there are many benefits to adding one to your ride as an aftermarket accessory. Not only are they affordable, but they provide an added element of safety, and they make your truck look awesome. They’re fairly easy to install, and when you buy from RECON, you’ll receive a complete wiring kit and all necessary hardware to complete the process.

It’s easy to see why LED tailgate bars catch the attention of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. They’re bright, they’re sleek, and they’re powerful. However, what you may not realize right away is that these qualities also contribute to safety.

There are times when you’ll need to pull over on the side of the road or come to a stop when you’re mudding or off-roading through the sand dunes. Maybe you have an issue with your tire pressure, or maybe a check engine light comes on that you need to evaluate before you keep driving.

When this happens, it’s absolutely essential that drivers approaching from behind have ample warning that you’re there and that you may be in distress. The best tailgate light bar is a key part of making sure this happens. It can signal to other passenger vehicles that they may need to move over a lane, let other off-roaders know to go around your vehicle, or alert emergency vehicles like tow trucks of your location.

Why Choose an LED Tailgate Bar

If you’re looking for the best tailgate light bar for your truck or SUV, there’s no doubt about it. You need a light bar that uses the new, most cutting-edge, high-powered LED lights available, not a light bar that uses the old halogen lights of the past. LED lights have countless advantages over older, more traditional bulbs, and it’s something to get excited about.

First, LED lights last much, much longer. In fact, their lifespan is tens of thousands of hours, which is more than 25x as long as halogen bulbs. This means less frequent replacements, fewer trips to the auto store to buy bulbs or online ordering, and over time significant cost savings. Next, LEDs don’t “burn out” the way halogen lights do. That means you’ll never turn on your truck to find a light suddenly dark. Rather, they slowly dim over time which gives you good warning that it’s time to get a replacement. But–many truck drivers find that LEDs last the entire lifespan of their vehicles.

LED lights also put less strain on your truck’s battery and are impact resistant, an absolute must for anyone who goes off-roading or drives through treacherous terrain. Additionally, and this is perhaps the most important benefit, they’re extremely bright and well-focused.

Halogen bulbs often give off a yellow hue that can appear hazy, dull, dim, and scattered. With today’s new and improved technology, LED bulbs produce a light that’s much whiter, brighter, and more clear. The result is to increase your truck’s visibility on the road and improve the range of view. The question isn’t why should you get an LED tailgate bar, but why wouldn’t you want to score one for your ride?

What Is the Best LED Tailgate Bar?

No matter what the circumstance, having the best LED tailgate bar on the back of your truck or SUV is a must. The fact that it adds a “wow” element to your truck is an added bonus, so you want to make sure it’s as stylish and cool as possible. When you combine practical functionality with the coolest look on the market, you have an unbeatable combination. What is the best LED tailgate bar for this purpose? It’s the May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar, exclusively at RECON.

Features of the Best LED Tailgate Light Bar

The May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar at RECON comes loaded with all the features you need as well as several that you’ll definitely find hard to pass up. It’s the best of the best, in regard to both style and performance.

The May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar is available in multiple sizes to fit virtually every truck and SUV:

  • First, there’s the 49-inch May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar. This model fits most flare side and smaller trucks and SUVs and features ultra high-power, dual row amber and white user-selectable scanning and strobing emergency flashers. Note that this bar has NO running light or brake light functionality and will not be visible until you activate it in parking mode. This LED tailgate bar may be the best option for smaller trucks and SUVs, such as the FORD F-150 or a TOYOTA RAV-4.
  • Next, there’s the 60-inch May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar. This is the part you want if you drive a larger truck or SUV, such as a FORD SUPER DUTY F-550 or a DODGE RAM 3500 (although it certainly fits smaller models as well). This bigger model includes all the same awesome features of its smaller counterpart and suits most full-sized trucks and SUVs.

Check out the May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar in action below and see why it’s an absolute must-have for your ride.

MSRP: 40″ Light Bar: $379.95, 60″ Light Bar: $399.95.

RECON May Day Tailgate Light Bar Installation

Whether you go for the 49-inch version or the larger 60-incher, installation of the best LED tailgate bar is a breeze. When you purchase from RECON, we’ll make sure you get everything you need to get your aftermarket truck lights up and running. That includes a full wiring kit as well as all of the hardware you’ll need to complete the process. All you’ll be responsible for is sourcing a few minor hand tools that you likely already have lying around in the garage or your tool kit.

Many of RECON’s parts and accessories feature convenient plug-and-play technology, which means that you’ll be able to light up your truck or SUV in just a matter of minutes and hit the road.

Additionally, if you ever get stuck during the installation process or have questions that require technical assistance, as a RECON customer, you’ll receive exclusive access to our team of dedicated representatives through our technical support phone line. We can help answer questions relating to set-up as well as help troubleshoot any issues that may arise once your LED tailgate bar is up and running.

RECON Makes It Easy to Buy the Best LED Tailgate Light Bar

Here at RECON, we believe that every truck lover should be able to upgrade their ride with the aftermarket parts they love. Having the best tailgate light bar, the May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar, is essential. That’s why we offer several convenient ways to purchase the LED tailgate light bar you’ve been eyeing.

First, you can order online, and we’ll have everything delivered straight to your door. We accept all major credit cards, so you’ll never have to worry about hitting a snag with payment.

We also offer a convenient way to make payments on the products you love without accruing any interest via Sezzle. To purchase the 49-inch May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar, you can break it down into four interest-free payments of $94.99. Plus, you’ll receive $5 off your first payment with Sezzle. If you’re looking to buy the 60-inch May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar, you can do so with just four payments of $99.99. You’ll still get the additional $5 off your first Sezzle payments, too.

Why Buy from RECON

There are many reasons to get your aftermarket truck lights and accessories from RECON. The most important reason, if you ask us, is that we’re the exclusive retailer for the May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar. That means that you can’t get it anywhere else. We do have many authorized dealers around the country that may stock the part, but it all leads back to RECON. Whether you shop online or from a retailer, be sure to ask if your lighting components are RECON items.

Aside from being the exclusive brand with the best LED tailgate light bar, there are many other things that set RECON and our products a step above the rest. The first is that we’re a U.S.-based company with real people who offer real help through their wealth of knowledge. We have customer service and technical support agents standing by, and you’ll always be able to reach a real person with your important questions.

Additionally, as truck lovers ourselves, we know the struggle of scrolling through cheap knock-off sites trying to find the right part, just to order and cross your fingers, hoping it works upon arrival. That’s never the case here at RECON. All of our products are backed by a limited warranty so that you can shop with total peace of mind every time.

Get Your May Day High Intensity Warning Light Bar Today

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