led tail lights installation guide

How to Install LED Tail Lights

Welcome to the complete RECON guide for LED tail lights installation. When you need to know how to wire LED tail lights, what tools you need to get the job done, and which are the best set to buy for your truck, we’re the experts to turn to for the information you trust. As a specialty retailer in the aftermarket automotive lighting space, you could say that we’re pretty passionate about this topic. We sell a wide variety of truck lights for self-installation and want to provide all of our customers and fellow truck lovers with the knowledge to soup up their rides.

The installation process doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we believe that everyone can accomplish this feat at home in their driveway or garage with the right tools and know-how. First, we’ll go over some basic information, the many benefits of upgrading to LEDs on your truck or SUV, and our very best installation tips and tricks.

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What Are LED Tail Lights?

LED tail lights are becoming increasingly popular among truck and SUV owners. They offer several benefits over traditional incandescent bulbs, including longer life, better performance, and improved safety. They are also known for being the brightest bulbs around, which is essential for those who spend a lot of time driving at night, on dimly lit roads, or in poor weather.

“LED” stands for “light-emitting diode.” LEDs are a form of solid-state lighting technology that use semiconductor materials to create light sources. They don’t heat up the way traditional halogen bulbs do, and today they are widely used in the automotive industry as a lighting option of choice for countless drivers.

There are two types of LED tail light bulbs – those that use a single chip and those that use multiple chips. The latter type offers greater brightness and color rendering.

The Benefits of LED Tail Lights

There are many benefits to installing LED tail lights on your truck or SUV. They are better than incandescent bulbs. First, they use less power from your vehicle’s battery, meaning they last longer and won’t drain your power source nearly as quickly as traditional bulbs.

Second, they don’t contain mercury, which makes them a much safer lighting option. Third, they produce less heat and are far less likely to burn out. Instead, they will gradually fade over time, giving you plenty of notice to buy a replacement. Their lifespan is significantly greater than halogen bulbs, lasting tens of thousands of hours.

Lastly, they’re much brighter. This means that other drivers will be able to see you much sooner when approaching your truck or SUV from behind. When other drivers know your truck is there, there’s less chance of a rear-end accident, which makes the roadways safer for everyone.

Over time, LED tail lights are cheaper to maintain, and they require less maintenance due to their long-lasting nature. In a nutshell, they perform better and give drivers far fewer headaches than regular tail light installations.

Installation Instructions

If you’re looking to add some style to your vehicle, look no further. They’re sleek, modern, and offer a ton of benefits over traditional bulbs. And, with the right installation, they’ll last years longer than their halogen counterparts of years past. You can install them yourself using a few simple tools.

Follow our handy guide to learn our best tips for installation, including wiring.

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

Before you get started, you’ll want to ensure your workspace is safe and well-prepared. Make sure you’re working on a flat and level surface, which will be important when checking the aim and angle of your tail lights once they’re illuminated. Next, make sure the space is dry (an essential when working with batteries and power sources as well as LED tail light wiring) and free of obstacles and hazards.

Next, get all your tools together. You’ll need some minor hand tools like a screwdriver, wiring ballasts, and more. RECON provides you with the full necessary wiring kit when you purchase an LED tail light kit.

Step 2: Remove Your Old Tail Lights

Next, you’ll need to remove the stock tail light assembly from your vehicle. Most trucks and SUVs have their tail lights bolted on from the inside with a simple assembly. To find this assembly, pull back the carpet in the back of your truck or look under the flooring in your truck bed.

Unbolt the original tail lights, and remove them from the outside of the vehicle slowly. Place the old tail lights safely out of the way.

Step 3: Remove the Old Tail Light Bulbs

After you remove the old tail light housing from your truck or SUV, all that will be left is the old bulbs. Remove these next by carefully unscrewing them from the sockets. If you’re taking out halogen bulbs, be gentle to ensure they don’t shatter in the process.

Step 4: Disconnect the Wiring Harness

Now it’s time to disconnect your tail light wiring until your new LED light kit is ready to go. Take note of which wires go to your turn signal lights, brake lights, reverse lights, backup lights, and running lights because you’ll need to know which is which when you hook them back up. We’ll provide you with a wiring diagram to help identify which wire is which.

Step 5: Install the New Lights

Place the new tail light housing in the now-empty space on your truck’s rear end. You’ll use the factory wiring to connect to the new LED tail light installation, taking note of which wires connect to which portion of the kit. For the sockets, plugs, and wiring, LED tail lights often feature plug-and-play technology, which makes the process fairly simple and straightforward.

Step 6: Replace the Bulbs with LED Lights

Once the housing is in, replace the bulbs in your tail lights with your new LEDs. You’re almost ready to hit the road with your awesome new lights.

Step 7: Test and Drive

After all the wiring is connected again, the carpet or bed flooring back in place, and the housing intact, it’s time to test the lights, check their aim, and then hit the road. Power on your vehicle to make sure the lights illuminate, and make sure that the beam is straight (not shining up into the air or down at the pavement).

If all is well, it’s time to clean up and hit the road. You’re done with the installation process!

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