Installing The Best LED Truck Bed Lights

Reconinstalling the best led truck bed lightsLED truck bed lights can not only take your truck to the next level in style, but it is also highly functional. Bed lights are required in most states to legally operate your truck, but often the factor installed cargo lights are not always up to the task. This is particularly true if you are carrying a load and the lights are obscured. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing the best LED truck bed lights.

Truck bed lights come in several different types, and each offers its own benefit. LED bed lights also come in a wide array of colors, including neon and fluorescent. LED is the bulb of choice when it comes to lighting up your truck bed. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED lights offer much-improved visibility and are energy efficient.

There is no more fumbling around in the dark to find something you really need with a good truck bed lighting kit. One of the best aspects of the truck bed light installation is that it is pretty simple to do, and for not much money, you can enhance your truck’s look.

LED Truck Bed Lights

Truck bed lighting systems are additional lights that are installed in the back of your truck. They can be mounted under the rails and run the entire length of the truck bed. Other types of LED bed lights for your truck act more like spotlights on various points throughout your truck’s bed. These types of lights are placed at strategic intervals.

The LED feature means that they are clean burning, put out minimal heat, and last much longer than traditional bulbs and light kits. Many truck owners do end up purchasing and installing truck bed lights because it provides additional functionality when attempting to access something from the truck bed in low light conditions. It provides an aesthetic upgrade without much effort.

Types of LED Truck Bed Lights

If you want the ability to change your lights’ color, then consider the bed rail LED light kit that offers multi-color options. The kits include two flexible LED light strips. These lights include four LED lightboxes. Each has six ¼ watt LED bulbs.

If you are looking for something that will light up the entire bed of your truck, then this is a great type of bed light to select. The strip is thin but flexible and can be attached to a wide variety of places on your truck including the bed topper or a tonneau cover.

Another type of LED truck bed light is a light kit that goes under the passenger and driver’s side and lights up the truck’s bed. This is especially good if you like to rock crawl in low light conditions.

The two flexible strips have four LED lightboxes, often referred to as LED pods, each with six 1-watt LED bulbs. These lighting pods will make your truck extremely LIT. This type of bed light is also submersible and can handle going underwater with a rating of IP68.

Select the truck bed lights that attach under the railing if you tend to carry a lot of cargo that may be unstable. They are generally durable, adjustable, and offer good light coverage of the entire truck bed. If you do not carry unstable cargo, consider the pods, which are waterproof and shockproof. This mounts under the truck bed rail or can be mounted and run under the driver and passenger’s side, extending all the way to the truck’s tailgate.

When determining which type of light is right for you, consider the following questions:

· Do you want the housing to be visible, or just radiate light?

· Do you intend to go off-road with your vehicle?

· Do you live in an area that experiences extreme weather and temperatures?

· How much light do you need and how much unstable cargo do you carry?

Trucks (makes) Supported with LED Truck Bed Lights

Ford OEM bed lights crank out 150% more light than factory cargo bed lights. To that end, make sure that the light kit you purchase is designed for your make and model truck. Direct replacement LED bed light kits are designed to work for the following trucks:

· FORD 15-18 F-150

· Ford 17-18 RAPTOR

· Ford 17-20 SUPERDUTY

These all feature a ‘plug and play’ installation, making getting them up and running super easy to do.

If you have a Ford truck, then the high-powered LED bed lights will fit. Sporting 6,000 kelvin, you will never find yourself having to reach for a flashlight to view your truck bed ever again. The bed light kits come in pairs and come with a clear lens with chrome trim in a modern, sleek style. LED lights are designed to be low profile but offer maximum performance.

Suited for the following FORD trucks:

· 2015-2017 FORD F150 LED bed lights

· 2017-2018 FORD RAPTOR LED bed lights

· 2017-2020 FORD SUPER DUTY LED bed lights