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Most Popular LED Lighting Upgrades for Ford Truck Owners in Florida

If you’re a lover of trucks in Florida or looking for Ford truck upgrades, LED lighting is the perfect place to start. Aftermarket LED light upgrades provide you with many benefits, in addition to looking awesome. By selecting a variety of different parts, you can create a look that stands out like no other truck on the road.

Here at RECON, the options are limitless. Projector headlights, LED tail lights, 3rd brake lights, bed lights, puddle lights, and more. There is no LED aftermarket truck light that you can’t find. Available in a variety of styles and colors, our Ford truck upgrades give you a distinct appearance.

Check out some of the most popular LED lighting upgrades for trucks in Florida below, and get some ideas for how to customize your ride.

The Top Ford LED Tail Lights

LED tail lights are among the best and most popular Ford truck upgrades. They change the look of your vehicle in a way that matches your style. Whether you are going for a modern, sleek look, with a dark red smoked lens, or a rugged look with heavy-duty white accents, LED tail lights are great for Ford trucks in Florida.

Not only are LED tail lights an excellent way to upgrade your truck, they can also help increase your safety on the road. With a bright light that is much more visible than halogen bulbs, LED tail lights can be seen further in the distance. What this means is that other drivers will better see you at night. Installing brighter tail lights can lower your chance of accidents in poor driving conditions when visibility is low.

Check out these models, which are some of our most popular:

The Top Ford Projector Head Lights

Projector headlights are another one of the top Ford truck upgrades. With styles available in clear and chrome, or black with smoked lenses, in countless shapes and forms, match them with a pair of LED tail lights for a look that’s like no other. The chances of another driver having the same customization as you are slim to none. Just by adding a new set of LED tail lights and projector headlights, you will have one of the most unique vehicles around.

Look for models that have scanning LED turn signals for increased visibility that looks cool. If you do a lot of driving at night, projector headlights are definitely the upgrade for you. And since the state has a long rainy season, they’re perfect for trucks in Florida. Projector headlights allow you to see further into the distance and better through darkness and rain.

Check out these models, which are among our most popular Ford truck upgrades:

  • Ford Superduty 11-16 Projector Headlights:
    • This set for the Ford Superduty F250, F350, F450, F550 2011-2016 models. They have ultra-high power smooth OLED DRL & high power amber scanning LED turn signals, that are black with smoked lenses.
  • Ford Superduty 17-19 Projector Headlights:
    • This set for the Ford Superduty F250, F350, F450, F550 2017-2019 models. They have a ultra high power smooth white OLED DRL & amber scanning LED turn signals.

The Top Ford LED 3rd Brake Lights

Ford F-150 3rd brake lights are one of the Ford truck upgrades that are a small addition that can make a huge difference. Here at RECON, we have 12 models designed for the Ford F-150 and Superduty series alone, and again, there is no shortage of options.

We know that not everyone who purchases the same product wants the same look, which is why we have created an extensive line of Ford LED 3rd brake lights. From clear-lensed white lights to red lights with smoked lenses, this LED lighting upgrade will draw eyes to your truck from far away.

Check out these models, which are two of our favorites:

The Top Ford Illuminated Door Sills

All Ford trucks in Florida should have a billet aluminum door sill, and these RECON products have won several awards since their release. They are so great and so popular that they won first place in the “Best New Product Competition” at Truck Fest West.

The illumination feature automatically turns on when the door opens or when the dome light switch is turned on. They’re branded with the Ford emblem and are available in several color combinations. Additionally, we have models branded specifically for the F-150, and all purchase options come in sets of two.

With red lights, blue lights, brushed aluminum, and black finishes, we’ve got the billet aluminum door sill that completes the look and vibe of your truck.

Here are two of our favorite items in the line:

Finding the Best Ford Truck Upgrades

At RECON, it’s easy to find the best lighting upgrades for your Ford truck. Select your make, model, and year in the search bar at the top of the site, and you will be directed to products designed specifically for your vehicle. We take the guesswork out of purchasing Ford truck upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about needing to return a part that doesn’t fit.

Many of our product pages have installation videos. If you need a little bit of further instruction, you can check out our online installation guides to download and print. Of course, we are always happy to assist by phone as well whenever we can.

For technical questions, give us a call anytime between 9 am and 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday, at 561-771-1183. A support specialist will be standing by to answer any questions you may have.