Black Jeep at the head of a rainy off-road trail.

Off Road Lights for Trucks and Jeeps

No matter what model truck or SUV you drive, adding off-road headlights is essential for those times you go off the beaten path. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, mudding, driving through the desert or to your favorite camping spot, it can get dark out there. RECON makes sure that you stay lit, adding both style and functionality to your truck with the best selection of off road lights.

Off road lights offer high performance, which is crucial, as driving through wooded areas and terrain with no lights can be dangerous. You need all the visibility you can get and you need your light installation to stand up to impact from branches, sand, debris, and water.

Types of Off-Road Lights

There are several types of off-road lights, each with a different appearance. You can choose an installation that matches your style and your truck, that also meets the demands you have for the lights off the road.

LED Light Bars

Bar lights are one option for off-road lights. You can mount them either directly above your front windshield, or on the front of your grill. With high-power LED lighting, these lights illuminate everything that’s in front of you. You can purchase either a straight or curved light bar, depending on the look you’re going for.

A curved light bar will look more seamless with your truck or SUV, matching the frame of your vehicle. A straight light bar stands out and looks more rugged.


Spotlights offer another way to improve your visibility when you’re off the road. Many people think they are the same as flood lights, but there is a difference. Spotlights are the perfect solution for when you need a strong beam of light that is focused and concentrated. A light that is direct, that you can aim right at one spot. These lights are helpful when you are setting up equipment at night.

You can mount spotlights on top of your truck, above your mirrors, or on the front end. Wherever you need the light the most, you can install a mount.


Floodlights are off-road lights that are very similar to spotlights, yet cast a wider beam. They are just as bright as spotlights yet increase your peripheral vision. Perfect for lighting up trails, giving you the ability to see fallen branches or animals that may jump into your path, floodlights are excellent for all-purpose off-road lights.

Fog Lights

Your truck may have OEM factory-installed fog lights, but if it doesn’t and you go off-roading, you definitely need them. If you do have factory-installed fog lights, it’s time to upgrade to a set that is brighter and more powerful, with LED bulbs.

Since off-roaders frequently drive at dawn or dusk, and those who drive through the desert kick up sand, fog lights are an absolute necessity. They are not part of your regular headlight installation and offer an extra element of visibility. Fog lights, unlike high beams, won’t reflect back and hurt your eyes or impede your line of vision. They are mounted low and have a cut-off point. They are the perfect off road lights if you need your focus on the ground.

The Best Headlights for Off-Roading

While there are many off road lights that you can add to your truck that increase your visibility when you’re off the road, you still want a headlight installation with superior capability in all driving conditions. Any truck or SUV driver that tackles tough terrain can tell you that projector headlights are the way to go.

Projector headlights multiply the light your bulbs produce before they emit it into your line of sight, using a metal plate inside your installation. They are stronger than standard reflector headlights, and when you use LED bulbs you get the best of the best.

Projector headlights come in many different styles, so you can choose the look that’s right for your vehicle without sacrificing function. Whether you are looking for headlights that are sleek or rugged, clear or smoked, there is a set of projector headlights to meet your needs.

Off Road Lights by Terrain

When purchasing off road lights for your truck, Jeep or SUV, it’s important to consider where you will be driving. As different off-road lights offer different capabilities, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need.

If you are looking for an installation that will shine directly on dedicated spots you need lit up, fog lights are not likely the solution. If you need a wide path illuminated, spot lights are not the best route to take. Take into consideration whether you need the lights to shine high or low, wide or narrow, and where on your truck you need to mount them.

If you are wondering which off road lights are best to suit your needs, call RECON to speak with a technical support specialist who can advise you on the best installation for your truck or SUV.

Lightbulbs for Off-Road Lights

You can purchase the best, most expensive, flashy, and stylish off-road light installation out there, but it won’t be effective unless you use the right light bulbs. If you are driving at night or through terrain where extra visibility is necessary, you need the light bulbs themselves to do their job.

Here at RECON, we suggest using LED bulbs for all light installations. They are much more powerful than halogen or incandescent bulbs and will give you the best performance off-road. The light is cleaner and brighter, and the bulbs are more resistant to impact. If you’re driving through terrain where there is a lot of debris present, this is a must. The last thing you want is for a bulb to break on you right when you need it the most.

Shop RECON for the Best Off Road Lights

Here at RECON, we’re truck lovers. We understand the needs you have and what you demand of your truck and all of your aftermarket parts. We’re here to step up to the plate and give your truck the upgrade it needs, while keeping you safe on your off road adventures.

We know you push your truck to the limit and won’t settle for anything less than peak performance. That’s why we don’t sell parts that won’t meet those expectations. Shop at RECON today for the best off road lights to upgrade your truck, Jeep or SUV, including Jeep JK LED tail lights. Next time you take your truck or SUV off road, you’ll see the difference. Light up the night like never before.

Technical Support and Customer Service

When you make the decision to buy off road lights, you want to purchase them from a company who stands behind their products. At RECON, that’s what you get. We have a dedicated technical support phone line that you can call any time Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST with any questions you may have.

Additionally, we offer online installation guides to help you along the way and a limited warranty on our parts. When you buy from RECON you can buy with confidence that your lights will stand up to everything you put your truck through, and that our customer service and technical support representatives have your back for years to come.