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Affordable and High-Quality Projector Headlights

RECON's selection of truck LED projector headlights is second to none. These lights continually exceed the light output and quality of nearly every OEM headlight application. With options for nearly every make, model and year, you will find what you need and at a reasonable cost relative to an OEM upgrade. 


The quality of our aftermarket truck lights far surpass what you'll see from so-called competitors or on knock-off brands that fail yet still attempt to do what we do so well. Don't overpay for products that won't last. Our aftermarket projector headlights are significantly better than any OEM factory-installed set. When only the best will do, there's only one place to shop: RECON


Benefits of RECON Projector Headlights

RECON quality custom lights are just what you need to set your truck or SUV apart from the crowd. Our products go beyond the basic Halogen bulbs or LED headlights found on many trucks, utilizing advancements in lighting and powerful illumination that rise above in performance and capability in nearly every quantifiable metric. 


When you compare them to regular reflector lights, you'll be amazed at the difference in light output, clarity of light color, and of course how incredibly cool they look installed on your truck. We use only the finest and most powerful LEDs for our truck LED projector headlights. The contoured lenses inside the headlights are engineered to act as a magnifier, further enhancing the already powerful beam while enabling you to see even farther down the road or trail on even the darkest of nights.


Each projector headlight housing is carefully angled and designed to optimally point light where you need it most which is down the road and directly in front of your truck. Our wide beam angle found in all our Halogen and LED projector headlights also allows you to easily see objects located in what would typically be a blind spot which is far off in the distance at either front corner of your truck.


RECON is the go-to source for aftermarket Pick-Up Truck and SUV projector lights. We are proud to manufacture and stock aftermarket headlights for the following makes and models:

  • FORD SUPER DUTY® trucks
  • DODGE RAM trucks
  • GMC SIERRA and YUKON trucks

Finding the Best Projector Headlights for Your Vehicle

With so many options available, you may find yourself wondering how to find the best version of projector headlights for your truck or vehicle. We break everything down by Make, Model, and Year. It's essential to enter the year your truck or SUV was manufactured, as we design our projector headlights accordingly. We do this to make sure they work best with your specific vehicle, offering you superior light performance every time.


If you're not sure which installation to choose, use the handy search bar on the top of our site and select the Make, Model, and Year of your vehicle. You will automatically be brought to the page of RECON products that are designed for your specific truck.


When you're spending money on a truck upgrade you want to be sure that you are getting the correct part the first time. You don't want to deal with items from other websites that are difficult or impossible to return. At RECON, our customer is king and it is embedded in our DNA to always do what's in their best interest. 


Our customer-first policy has allowed us to become the largest aftermarket manufacturer of truck and SUV LED accessories in North America and we do everything in our power to retain that title and keep our customers happy so they continue to return time and time again.


Styles and Features for Your Ride

RECON offers a wide array of headlights with extremely rugged, durable designs. You can select a shiny, mirrored chrome if you like a classic look, or choose a sleek black base to keep it more modern. We offer both clear and smoked lenses to suit your preferences. 


While shopping for the perfect headlights, you can narrow down the results by compatibility with blind spot information systems, scanning and strobing functions, or flashing features. Check out our blog post about the 10 best headlights for some options we recommend. 


FAQs About Projector Headlights

Outfitting your vehicle with new headlights offers a way to make your ride uniquely yours. Learn more about our premier lighting accessories and products from these common questions and answers. 


Are projector headlights or reflector lights better?

Different products are better for different tastes and applications, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer for whether you should choose headlights or reflectors. Ultimately, your personal preferences determine your outfitting decisions. 


We recommend choosing projectors if you're looking for a sleek, modern style. This design is newer and covers greater widths for the best visibility, allowing you to enhance your safety on the road. On the other hand, reflectors will look more appropriate on classic vehicles. The bulbs are easy to install and the beam patterns place more emphasis on distance. 


What are the advantages of LED headlights?

Upgrading your headlights offers a way to improve the look and function of your vehicle. LED projector headlights are a popular choice offering the following benefits:

  • Style: These designs come with eye-catching features, providing a way to showcase your personality. 
  • Safety: A wider beam pattern lights up the sides of the road better, allowing you to see clearly defined edges in dark or narrow areas. 
  • Brightness: The beams for LED projector headlights are more focused, offering improved visibility and consistency across the area they illuminate. 
  • Energy efficiency: An LED light produces light with less heat, providing better energy efficiency than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs.

How do I assemble the headlights?

Whether you're outfitting a new vehicle or replacing older parts with upgrades, we're excited for you to get your projector headlights. At RECON, we provide plenty of support to make the assembly simple. You can follow our installation guides to prepare your ride for the road. 


If you need help, feel free to contact our team online. We can answer your questions and provide any information you need to complete the assembly and enjoy your new products as soon as possible. 


Why shop with RECON?

RECON is owned and operated by hardcore truck enthusiasts. We design and manufacture every product we offer, ensuring you receive the best-quality projector headlights and other accessories or products. 


With our decades of experience, we're the one-stop shop you can trust for premier lighting in the automotive market. We take privacy seriously and keep our online shopping and checkout process safe with military-grade security measures. 


Our company can deliver products anywhere in the world. We provide overnight, second-day and ground shipping options to suit your needs. Review our general FAQ page for more on our shipping policies.


The RECON Warranty and Technical Support Team

All of our aftermarket lighting products, including LED lights, are covered by a limited warranty. Additionally, we make sure that we are here for our customers well after their purchase. You should never be left hanging by a company after you buy a product. Shop LED Lighting and aftermarket truck accessories from RECON today and GET LIT.


If you need help or have questions regarding your projector headlights installation, we make it easy for you to get the info you need. You can check out our free online installation guides or give our technical support team a call Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.