LED Under Body / Rock Lights

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Showing all 4 results

Truck LED rock lights are an excellent addition to any truck. Truck rock lights are a unique accessory you attach to your truck’s underside, illuminating the road beneath you. These underbody lights come in various colors, including white, red, blue, and green.

There are multiple reasons to install truck LED rock lights in your vehicle. Some drivers are interested in the safety features, while others enjoy the visual effects.

Under Body Rock Lights

In terms of safety, truck rock lights are one of the best accessories to purchase for your vehicle. Lousy weather conditions cause many accidents. The other driver was unable to see your truck until it was too late. There are many lighting accessories available to help illuminate your vehicle, but underbody truck lights are considered one of the best.

The reason truck LED rock lights are so effective is the lights brightly illuminate the road underneath your vehicle. In poor driving conditions, other drivers are more focused on the road. The driver may miss the light with illuminated tail lights because they are looking down, especially since most vehicles are naturally shorter than trucks.

Your illuminated truck rock lights create a small beacon on the road around you. Unlike side, head, or tail lights, the illumination extends a full 360 degrees around your truck. You can stand out even more by selecting a different color, giving your vehicle a unique, attention-drawing illumination.

Truck LED rock lights to have other benefits outside of poor weather conditions. If you go off-roading, the lights illuminate the ground around you, making it easier to spot potential obstacles, both for yourself and any other vehicles traveling behind you. The lights are also stylish, giving your truck a unique look, especially with so many possible color options from which to choose.

Types of Under Body Rock Lights

There are several different types of truck rock lights available. One of the first decisions to make is what kind of light you want. There are technically other bulbs available, but it is best to go with LED lights.

Truck LED rock lights to have several advantages over other types of bulbs. In terms of efficiency, LED lights are the best. The bulbs last much longer than other alternatives, such as halogen or high-intensity discharge (HID) lights.

Truck LED rock lights also require less energy to operate. They make wiring the lights much more comfortable and reduce the chances of something going wrong. Most drivers can use the same set of LED bulbs for at least five years without issue.

Another difference between truck rock lights is the color of the bulbs. LED lights offer more color options than other types of bulbs. Before you decide on a color, check your state laws. Some states are stricter about what lights you can attach to your truck.

However, underbody lights typically have fewer restrictions than head or tail lights. Some states limit particular colors exclusively meant for other vehicles. Red is commonly off limits because it is reserved for use by emergency vehicles.

Installing Truck LED Rock Lights

Installing truck rock lights only requires a few steps. First, you must secure the lights to the underside of your truck. Check for any bolts, brackets, or other openings along with your vehicle. If you do not have any special tools, you can use zip ties to secure the lights.

The next step to install your Truck LED rock lights involves extending the wires. Route the lighting wires up to your engine bay. Connect them to your module box. If you do not have enough space to reach your vehicle’s front, you can use extension wires to connect your lights to the engine bay.

Your LED lighting kit will include a diagram of where to connect the wires. There are only two wires to connect, each colored differently, so you know precisely which colored wire goes where.

After connecting your truck rock lights to the module box, you must secure the box in your engine bay. Where you place the box varies depending on your truck. The box is small and takes up minimal space.

Most drivers place the box near the battery but away from the engine to reduce the possibility of damage. After completing the setup, turn the lights on to ensure everything is working correctly.

Trucks Supported with Under Body Rock Lights

One of the best features of truck LED rock lights is the lights are compatible with most trucks. LED lights consume little energy, so as long as you have the space underneath your truck, you can connect the lights. Truck rock lights are most commonly used with Ford, Toyota, and Honda trucks. You can also install underbody rock lights in select jeeps as well.