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Baseball Bat Aluminum 8

Baseball Bat Aluminum 8" Antenna (Fits OEM Factory Threaded Antenna) Wood Grain

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Extended Range Aluminum 8″ Antenna – Universal Fitment Fits All Makes & Models w/ OEM Factory Threaded Antenna – Wood Grain

If you're a baseball fan, there's no better way to show off your love of the game than with RECON's Baseball Bat Aluminum 8″ Antenna. It has a universal fitment, which makes it suitable for virtually every pick-up truck and SUV sold in the United States and comes complete with a faux wood grain finish that makes it look just like the real thing.

Extended Range Antenna

Not only does this baseball bat antenna look cool, and provide your truck with a whole new look in under a minute, but it also features extended range capabilities. OEM factory antennas just don't cut it for a lot of drivers. Whether you live in a rural area, drive through the mountains or well off the beaten path, or frequently travel long distances, you want your radio to function at its very best. You need crisp, clear sound so that you can keep rocking out to your favorite tunes, hear traffic and weather updates when you need them, and more.

With RECON's baseball bat extended range antenna, you're bound to hear your favorite stations better and you're also bound to hear them for longer than you would with an OEM factory antenna.

Easy Installation

Perhaps the best part about our extended range baseball bat antenna, aside from how durable it is, how well it performs, and the awesome new look it will give your truck or SUV is, is that it is super easy to install. In fact, you don't need any hand tools or equipment at all. Simply unscrew your old OEM factory installed antenna, and screw your new aluminum baseball bat antenna into the wiring threads in its place. As soon as it's secure you're good to go! Just turn your truck on, flip to your favorite radio station, and start jamming.