Ford Super Duty 11-16 Projector Headlights OLED DRL LED Signals Smoked/Black

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RECON projector headlight 264272BKCS comes with 4 standard halogen bulbs already installed; however, if you wish to upgrade to LEDs, HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs for your projector Low-Beams, then you must order 1 set of any of the following part #’s: 264H7LED, 264H7HID, 264H7DW, 264H7PB. If you wish to also upgrade to HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs in the High-Beam portion of these new Ford Superduty Projector Headlights, then you must also order 1 set of the following part #’s: 264H1HID, 264H1DW, 264H1PB, or 264H1SY.

Ford Superduty 2011-2016 Projector Headlights

If you're looking for the best led projector headlights around, shop RECON. With this model, designed for Ford F250 headlights and F350 headlights, as well as the F450 and F550 models, you'll get a custom look that's both modern and tough. Black with a smoked lens, this set compliments any Ford Superduty truck.

Built for truck owners who drive in demanding conditions, this set of projector headlights offers maximum visibility in darkness, rain, sleet, and snow. Considered to be the gold standard of headlights, the reflective plates inside magnify beams, providing you with better sight in terms of both distance and peripherals.

LED Headlights with the Ultimate Power

We took projector headlights and then went one step further. We don't want you to have just any projector headlights. We don't want you to settle for headlights that are "just fine" or "okay." You don't need headlights that simply do their job. You need projector headlights that go above and beyond to excel in their performance.

That's exactly what you get with RECON's Ultra High Power projector headlight set. With OLED lightbulbs, and daytime running lights, along with amber scanning LED turn signals, we've created the best F250 headlights out there. If you're looking for Ford F350 headlights, this set will match your make as well as the F450 and F550 models.

Headlights That Are Built to Last

OLED and LED lightbulbs have a lifespan that's nearly 30x longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Not only that, but they emit a much stronger, brighter, whiter light. With all these features, you're less likely to have to buy replacement bulbs any time soon.

They're also more durable, which we know is a top concern. You bought a Ford Superduty for a reason. You need headlights that match the wear and tear your truck goes through. Headlights that are sure to stand up and rise to meet the task. That's just what this model provides you.

You expect a lot from your truck. You should expect a lot from your headlights too. Here at RECON, we deliver on that promise.

Additional Information

Make :

  • Ford

Model :

  • Superduty F-250
  • Superduty F-350
  • Superduty F-450
  • Superduty F-550

Supported Years :

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Part # :