Front Lower Air Dam Light Kit w/ Smoked Lens/Black Bezel LED in White

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Front Lower Air Dam Light Kit w/ Smoked Lens/Black Bezel LED in White

SKU: 264227WHBK
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SKU: 264227WHBK

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RECON Part # 264227WHBK - Universal White LED Front Lower Air Dam Light Kit with Smoked Lens and Black Bezel - 9pc Sequentially Connected LED Lights - WHITE

The front air dam on your truck is a spoiler that points the nose of your truck downwards to maximize traction. Your front lower air dam also deflects any oncoming air by making the majority of the air go over your vehicle's top.

This greatly improves your truck’s aerodynamics. Air dams are normally an overlooked truck part. And most manufacturers only provide a basic matte black air dam.

A great way to enhance a boring front air dam is by installing a set of LED lights. RECON’s front lower air dam light kit has everything you need to install a sleek smoked lens in your truck. Each kit comes standard with a 9 piece sequentially connected lightbar.

The smoked lens gives your LED bulbs a tinted look for a low-profile piece of customization. The lenses also keep your LED lights from shining too brightly, which could irritate other drivers.

Every one of RECON’s parts, including front air dam light kits, is made with high-quality materials. Each kit includes nine powerful LED lights, designed to last for thousands of hours. The base LED bulbs come in white, but there are also amber colored variants available. Not only will your truck look better, but the lights can help enhance your visibility.

Installing Front Air Dam LED Lights

Installing your front lower air dam lights is a breeze. Unlike with other installations, your air dam already has holes available for your lights. You do not even have to pop out any existing pieces.

Once you mount the lights into your air dam, all you have to do is hook up the wires. One of the benefits of LED lights is they require almost no power to operate, so there is no complex wiring.

RECON’s front air dam light kits are designed for many types of trucks. They are most commonly used with FORD, GMC, DODGE, TOYOTA, and CHEVY.

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