H3 12V 55W Headlight Bulbs in Platinum Blue

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SKU: 264H3PB

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Question: Are your factory headlight bulbs just not “putting out” enough for you in terms of cool blue color & usable light?


RECON, the premiere manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the Truck and SUV market is proud to announce their new XENON Platinum Blue 5,600 Kelvin Headlight Bulbs for nearly every make & model of car, truck, SUV. It's easy to get use to the ugly, yellow, dim light emitted by your factory installed headlight bulbs & not realize just how ugly that factory yellowish light really is. Dim halogen gas-filled factory installed headlight bulbs just don't cut it when adequate road illumination, safety, and peace of mind are at stake. From dark parking lots & boat ramps to poorly lit roads & highways, RECON Truck Accessories offers you a brighter solution to lighting what’s in front of your car, truck, or SUV. “Get Lit” With RECON Truck Accessories’ new XENON Platinum Blue 5,600 Kelvin Headlight Bulbs for nearly every make & model of car, truck, SUV.

RECON XENON Platinum Blue Headlight Bulbs Feature:
• Low-Temperature XENON gas formula reduces heat generated by your headlights & eliminates the need to use heavy-duty wire harnesses when upgrading to XENON gas headlight bulbs
• Super high-output proprietary blue XENON gas mixture that produces a blue color temperature that factory installed halogen gas-filled bulbs can't compete with
• RECON headlight bulbs are up to 150% brighter than competitive XENON gas bulbs & generate 50% less heat
• Highest Kelvin Rating (5,600k) of any XENON headlight bulb available
• Every RECON XENON headlight bulb meets or exceeds an 11,000 hour average life expectancy
• RECON XENON headlight bulbs feature easy plug-in installation, they look great, & add safety through additional light output and their 5,600 kelvin blue/white HID color
• RECON XENON headlight bulbs feature the widest beam angle of any XENON headlight bulb offered in the automotive market today
• Applications available for nearly every make, model, & year of vehicle

Available Bulbs Include: 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, & H13

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