Third Brake Lights

led third brake light

Third brake lights are a legal requirement for all vehicles in the United States, and at RECON we are proud to provide the most unique aftermarket truck lighting components. No matter what truck or SUV model you drive, RECON has an LED 3rd brake light for you.

The purpose of third brake lights is to increase the visibility of your truck, ensuring that other drivers can see you from far away and decreasing your risk of accident. What better way to customize your truck with aftermarket lighting than to add an LED 3rd brake light.

The Benefits of LED 3rd Brake Lights

LED third brake lights produce brighter, whiter light than traditional halogen bulbs, improving visibility. Not only is the light produced by LED 3rd brake lights brighter, but the lights consume less energy which lead to increased longevity and less pull on your truck’s battery.

It’s not uncommon for LED bulbs to last for many years. When you purchase an eye-catching LED 3rd brake light from RECON you can rest assured that you will most likely not need to replace a bulb for quite a while, if ever. LED lights have been shown to last 20x-30x longer than traditional halogen bulbs, making them an excellent option for your truck’s third brake light.

For Jeeps

If you’re looking for a custom LED 3rd brake light for your Jeep, check out all our options. With Red Ultra High Powered OLED options for your Jeep Wrangler, 3rd brake lights with smoked lenses, and more, customize your Jeep just the way you want it.

For Ford Trucks

No matter what Ford truck make you have, there’s an LED third brake light for you at RECON. We offer third brake lights with red brake lights and white LED cargo lights for the Ford250HD/350/450/550 that have a smoked lens, truck third brake lights for the Ford Raptor, and third brake lights for the Ford F150, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac and 95-03 Ford Ranger.

Here at Recon, we’re committed to offering the perfect aftermarket truck parts for each and every driver.

Additionally, check out our selection of LED 3rd brake lights for:

For Chevy Trucks

3rd brake light for Chevy trucks

For Chevy Trucks

Chevy drivers, we have you covered. With LED 3rd brake lights for the Chevy 94-98, 07-13, 14-18 Chevy Silverado and a range of universal truck third brake lights that will match any model truck you have, RECON is the spot to shop.
Choose from clear lenses or smoked lenses, with red or white LED bulbs, in several different styles.

For GMC Trucks

GMC drivers, customize your ride too. Whether you drive a GMC Sierra, Yukon, Denali, or Suburban choose from the same wide selection. Pick the truck third brake light that best meets your needs, matches your truck, and suits your style.

Click here to find LED 3rd brake lights for GMC trucks.

For Dodge Trucks

If you drive a Dodge truck, RECON has a lighting solution for you. With 3rd brake lights for Dodge Rams in various styles and colors, with either smoked or clear lenses there are nearly ten models to choose from. Customize your LED lights to display just the way you’d like.

More Makes and Models

If you don’t see your truck’s make or model listed above, that doesn’t mean we don’t have an LED 3rd brake light for you. We have styles that fit Escalades, Toyota, the Hummer H2, and more. We love all trucks and are proud to help each and every customer create the look they want with aftermarket modifications.

Shop by make and model of your vehicle on our homepage or from our drop down navigation bar. If you have the RECON part number of the piece you’re looking for, simply type it in and we’ll bring you right to the page.

Universal Parts at RECON

RECON has plenty of universal truck parts, so you can find what you need for even the most rare and elusive makes and models. Have a classic you’re looking to modernize? Or a limited edition? Our universal aftermarket truck parts are designed with that in mind.

Looking for something other than a truck third brake light? We’re continuously updating our inventory, so check out what’s new on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out. We have an extensive collection of projector headlights, LED cab roof lights, LED tailgate bars, and so much more.

Browse the entire selection at RECON and select the combination of parts you’re looking for to create a truck that looks like no other truck on the road. With RECON aftermarket truck parts, you’re sure to stand out from all the rest.

Customer Support at RECON

As truck lovers ourselves, we pride ourselves on standing by our products and being there for our customers anytime we’re needed. If you’re looking for some guidance regarding installation of an LED third brake light or other aftermarket part that you’ve purchased from RECON, check out our installation and support guides online.

We also have technical support specialists standing by Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm EST by telephone to answer any questions you may have. The Technical Support Department can be reached at (561)-771-1183.

You can also email us anytime at [email protected] or complete a contact form on our website with any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding our parts or services.