Pick-up truck with LED rock lights

How to Install LED Rock Lights

Learning how to install LED rock lights doesn’t have to be complicated. And when you buy from RECON we give you everything you need for a successful installation, including wiring, hardware, and gaskets for a 4 piece kit. LED rock lights add an unbeatable element of “wow” to your truck. Once you pick the color you’re looking for and buy your brand new set of LED rock lights, installation is the next step. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes and be ready to put on a show with your new jaw-dropping display.

About LED Rock Lights

You may also hear LED rock lights referred to as underbody lights, and they can entirely transform the look of your truck at night. Perfect to activate at truck meets or when you’re looking to stand out, the right LED rock light or underbody light kit makes your truck entirely unique and different compared to every other vehicle on the road. Other common terms for the aftermarket truck part include under glow lights or ground effect lighting.

LED rock lights fit on the underbody of your truck, where you attach them to the chassis or the wheel wells. These lights create a stunning glow on the ground surrounding your vehicle, and illuminate the wheel wells putting the spotlight on rugged tires. They are particularly popular with drivers who lift their trucks and the light can make quite a statement. Additionally, they provide an extra element of safety when driving at night as they provide more illumination on the road.

At RECON, you can shop for colors including white LED rock lights, red LED rock lights, blue LED rock lights, and green LED rock lights. Create a look that’s entirely customized and sure to turn heads next time you’re out in public.

LED Rock Lights: Installation Steps

When learning how to install LED rock lights, there are a few simple steps to follow. You do want to have a solid understanding of your truck’s anatomy, as you will be working with electrical wires as well as your truck’s battery. While RECON LED rock lights come with all the necessary installation hardware and wiring, you will need minor hand tools to complete the job.

  1. Park your truck in a clear area, without clutter or debris that may pose a danger while you’re working. It is always a good idea to activate your emergency brake, since you will be working near the wheel wells. Ensure that the area has sufficient lighting and is dry, as you will be working with electrical components.
  2. Turn off the power to your truck and disconnect your battery before you begin working.
  3. Examine your wheel wells and determine where you would like to place the LED rock lights, you will need to drill a small hole in this area to attach the lighting installation.
  4. Once you drill a hole in the wheel well, screw in the LED rock light and ensure that it is properly attached using the included hardware from RECON.
  5. Connect the wiring to each LED rock light.
  6. Run the wires from each LED rock light underneath your truck, toward the front end where the battery is. Ensure that the wires do not cross paths with any moving parts of your vehicle.
  7. Attach the red and black wires to the corresponding part of your truck’s battery.
  8. Reconnect the battery and power on your truck in accessory mode to ensure that all the LED rock lights receive power.
  9. Ensure that each light shines in the intended direction and that you are pleased with the appearance.
  10. Close the hood of your truck, and your LED rock lights installation is complete! You’re ready to hit the road and start blazing a trail of color wherever the pavement may take you.

Bonus Tips for How to Install LED Rock Lights

LED rock lights installation is fairly easy and straightforward. They are a favorite part among many truck drivers for this reason, as you don’t need major hardware or tools to complete the process. Plus, the visual element they add to your ride is unparalleled. All RECON LED rock light sets come with four pieces, one for each wheel well. However, if you would like to mix and match colors for a look that’s truly yours you can buy multiple sets for this purpose.

When installing LED rock lights, in addition to working in a clean, dry space, activating your emergency brake, and disconnecting the battery prior to installation, it’s best if your truck is not running for a period of time before you begin. This is because you will be working in close proximity to metal components on the truck as well as the engine, which can both get very hot after running for too long. It is best to let your truck cool down for an hour or so before you begin to minimize your risk of burns.

Additionally, when shopping for LED rock lights, look for sets that are weather and impact resistant. As your rock lights will remain permanently installed you want to be sure that they are safe from inclement weather. And, if you take your truck off-roading or drive through tough terrain, you want to ensure your parts can stand up to the job and that they are sure to last.

Shop LED Rock Lights at RECON

If you’re in search of a new awesome set of LED rock lights for your truck, shop RECON today. Our LED rock lights are universal, which means that they fit most pick-up trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs that are sold in the United States. Additionally, all of our LED rock lights are backed by a limited warranty, and we offer free online installation guides if you are looking for more information on how to install LED rock lights. We also have a dedicated technical service department, with live representatives standing by Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm ready to take your call and answer any questions that you may have.

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