Where to Get New LED Headlights for Your Truck

a new LED headlight for a truckWhere can I get a new headlight installation for my truck?” As experts in the aftermarket truck lighting industry, this is a question that we hear at RECON time and time again. Whether you’re looking to install a fresh set of new LED headlights for the first time after using traditional halogen installations for years, or you’re looking to upgrade from an old LED installation, we have you covered.

We’re the premier source for all your aftermarket truck and SUV lighting needs, with helpful information regarding whether or not LED headlights are worth it, how the self-installation process works, what to look for before you buy, and of course, the best new LED headlight installations for major MAKES and MODELS.

If you’re in the market for a new set of headlights for your truck or SUV, look no further. Not only will you find all the info you need right here at RECON, but we have the aftermarket parts you need too. So go ahead and browse our wide selection of projector headlight installations and LED headlight bulbs, pick your poison, and GET LIT today!

Are LED Headlights Really Worth It?

This is a question that we hear frequently, and the answer is yes! Whether your truck is new or old, whether you drive at night or in poor weather, like to go off-roading, or spend most of your time driving on the highway, LED headlights are definitely worth it.

The Added Safety of LED Headlights

There are many benefits to selecting a new LED headlight installation for your truck or SUV compared to using their traditional halogen counterparts. First, and perhaps most importantly, they offer better visibility on the road. They’re brighter and tend to have a wider beam angle which means you can actually see more of the road and your surroundings in the path of illumination. Not only will you be able to see farther into the distance, but you’ll also have an easier time spotting potential hazards and obstacles before they become a problem. Think animals about to jump into the road, pedestrians and bike riders on the shoulder at night, and more.

Additionally, other drivers will be able to see you well into the distance. Whether they see your LED headlights in their rearview mirror as you approach from behind or shining ahead in oncoming traffic, this provides everyone with an extra layer of safety.

The Cost / Energy Benefit of LED Headlights

But aren’t LED headlights more expensive? Yes, they are. However, they’re well worth the added cost when you look at all of the improvements in their performance compared to halogen installations. For starters, the bulbs in LED headlights last much longer, meaning you won’t be buying replacements quite as frequently. Additionally, LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient compared to traditional headlight installations, meaning they put less strain on your truck’s battery.

The Appearance and Style of LED Headlights

Last but not least, many truck and SUV drivers simply prefer the look and style of LED headlights compared to older halogen installations. LED headlights emit a light that is bright and clear, which is great for safety, but it’s also more modern and pleasing to the eye. Gone are the days of hazy, fuzzy, dim, yellow halogen lights. Enter the cool, white, crisp aesthetic of LEDs. It’s an instant way to bring your truck into the 21st century, no matter how many years it’s been on the road.

Be sure to check out these additional benefits of LED lights.

How to Install LED Headlights

Proper self-installation is another concern among many customers, but we’re here to let you know that it can be fairly simple and straightforward, with nothing to fear. If you’re just swapping a bulb, simply pop the hood on your truck or SUV, remove the headlight assembly covering, unfasten the clip that holds the bulb in place, take out the old bulb, and pop the new one right in. Be sure to turn your truck on and test them in the driveway before you take them out on the road to ensure they’re working correctly.

If you’re swapping out the entire headlight installation, lenses, and all, it’s going to take a bit more work and you’ll want to know additional tips such as how to adjust the aim on your projector headlights. However, it’s completely doable and many amateur truck enthusiasts complete the process at home with no problem. Remember, if you get stuck, you can always call RECON’s dedicated technical support line for assistance with installation tips and product troubleshooting.

Call (561)771-1183 any time Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Or, check out our webpage with various installation instructions to see if your MODEL truck or SUV and part number are listed to get a FREE step-by-step guide.

Things to Know before You Buy a New LED Headlight Installation

There are a few things to check out before you pull the trigger on making a purchase, but RECON makes it easy to find the best new LED headlight installation for your particular needs. First, you’ll want to consider the style you’re going for to help narrow down your search parameters. Do you want a clear lens or are you looking for a darker smoked lens? Do you want features such as scanning LED turn signals or are the standard flashing turn signals sufficient?

Next, you’ll want to check out a few headlight installations that match the look you’re going for and take note of whether these parts come with LED bulbs, or whether you’ll need to buy them separately. If you need to purchase a set of bulbs, note what style you’ll need (do you need H1 bulbs, for example). Find out whether you’ll need high and low beam bulbs, or just one or the other.

Always make sure that you’re looking at projector headlights that are suitable for your truck’s particular MODEL, MAKE, and YEAR. Unfortunately, all headlight installations are not interchangeable and you want to be sure to get the right part the first time around. At RECON, we make it easy to find the best installation for your ride. Just enter the details of your vehicle in the search bar and we’ll take you right to a page with parts specifically for your truck. Or, if you’re browsing the entire projector headlight collection, check the part title for the appropriate details.

5 Best LED Headlights

“Where can I get a new headlight installation for my truck?” Right here at RECON! We stock LED headlight installations for virtually every MAKE and MODEL truck on the road. Even if your truck is an older MODEL, you’ll find aftermarket lighting parts that are suitable for trucks dating back to the mid-1990s all the way up through the current manufacturing year.

Check out the 5 best LED headlight installations available at RECON below.

1) Ford Super Duty 17-19 Projector Headlights OLED DRL & Scanning Switchback LED Turn Signals Smoked

By far the most popular set of LED headlights available at RECON, check out this installation for the FORD SUPER DUTY truck (2017-2019). If you drive an F250/F350/F450 or F550, this is the set of headlights for you. Complete with ultra high-power smooth white OLED DRL & high-power amber switchback LED turn signals, these headlights are a hit.

2) Dodge RAM 1500 09-19 & 2500/3500 10-18 Projector Headlights OLED Halos & DRL in Smoked/Black

If you drive a newer MODEL DODGE RAM truck (1500, 2500, or 3500) be sure to check out this set of LED headlights. Note that this set will NOT fit RAM trucks with factory-installed OEM projector headlights. The sleek, smoked lens on these lights gives any truck a modern edge.

3) GMC Sierra 1500 14-18 & 2500/3500 14-19 Projector Headlights OLED DRL & LED Smoked/Black

Also available in a model with Amber scanning turn signals, this set of LED headlights is popular among GMC SIERRA owners. Featuring a smoked black chrome inner housing with smooth OLED daytime running lights, they’re the perfect upgrade for your ride.

4) Chevy Silverado 14-19 Projector Headlights OLED Halos, DRL Smoked

Ultra-bright, ultra-tough, and ultra-modern, this is the go-to set of projector LED headlights for CHEVY SILVERADOS currently on the market. They use H7-style bulbs for the projector low beam and H1-style bulbs for the projector high beam– sold separately.

5) Ford F150 18-20 Projector Headlights OLED DRL, LED Turn Signals Smoked/Black

If your FORD F150 has factory-installed OEM halogen-style headlights and you’re looking to make the switch to an LED installation, this is the set for you. With this set you can upgrade to LED, HID or XENON headlight bulbs for both the high beam and low beam and get up and running in no time.

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