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Chevy LED 3rd Brake Light

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Upgrading to a new LED CHEVY 3rd brake light is an absolute must for every TAHOE and SILVERADO driver on the road today. LED third brake lights offer some very important benefits over traditional bulbs, including better visibility and improved safety. They also provide a long-lasting solution that often provides drivers with years of use before ever needing replacement bulbs or installations. LED bulbs are the most cutting-edge automotive lighting technology-- incandescent bulbs just can't compare.

For the very best aftermarket LED CHEVY 3rd brake lights on the market, shop RECON. We're the go-to source for truck and SUV lovers looking to upgrade their lighting components and accessories. We stock CHEVY 3rd brake lights for models that date back as far as the early-to-mid 1990s all the way through the current manufacturing year. They're no simple average brake lights. They're RECON products. Shop our selection today. It's time to GET LIT!

Why Are LED CHEVY Third Brake Lights Important?

Federal law mandates that all street-legal cars, trucks, and SUVs have a third brake light factory installed on the back of the vehicle. Laws also state that a 3rd brake light has to be comparable to other rear-end lights on that vehicle in terms of brightness and style to avoid distracting other drivers or emergency vehicles. If you're upgrading to an LED CHEVY third brake light and are still using halogen tail lights, it may be time to upgrade those to LED lights as well to remain in compliance with regulations.

Laws also state that when the lights are activated, others must be able to clearly see them from at least 300 feet away. For these reasons, an LED 3rd brake light bar is a much better option than halogen bulbs. They're brighter and more powerful, which makes them much easier to see. Plus, they look awesome, and many RECON models come loaded with additional features. Our products boast benefits such as additional illumination cutting-edge light design for those who want the very best for their CHEVY.

Available 3rd Brake Light Features

At RECON, you'll find CHEVY 3rd brake lights with a variety of features in several different styles. No matter how you prefer to deck out your ride, we have the LED 3rd brake light for you. Whether you like to keep it classic with a clear lens and bright white LED cargo lights or are looking for a sleek modern upgrade with a smoked dark lens, we have it all.

Additionally, you'll also find some more advanced options when checking out our selection. Shop a variety of lights that appear tough and bold or feature premier functions such as a scanning light option.

RECON CHEVY 3rd Brake Light Buying Guide

RECON makes it easy to get the LED CHEVY third brake lights that work best for your vehicle. You can use the handy search function at the top of the page to enter your MAKE and MODEL vehicle to see compatible parts and accessories. Additionally, we make it clear and easy to decipher on each product page which trucks the third brake lights will match.

Look for your MAKE, MODEL, and manufacturing year in the part title or product description. Be sure to look for special notes from our team in the product details that may exclude a particular CHEVY 3rd brake light from being compatible with your truck.

Shop RECON Today

Shop RECON today for your CHEVY third brake light and all other aftermarket truck and SUV lighting needs. Find major installations such as projector headlights and even the smallest details such as replacement bulbs and resistors.

When you buy from RECON, your purchase comes backed by a limited warranty, so you can shop with total peace of mind. We stand behind each item we sell and are always here for our customers and fellow truck lovers.

Get exclusive customer perks like access to our free online installation guides as well as a dedicated technical support line you can call for questions about set-up or troubleshooting once your lights are in action.

It's time to GET LIT with RECON and upgrade to an LED 3rd brake light today.