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Dodge RAM LED 3rd Brake Light

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When it comes to safety, your dodge truck LED third brake light is not only mandatory but serves to offer higher visibility, vision, and communication to other drivers. Your truck’s third brake light increases driver-to-driver communication as well as improving visibility.

Legend has it that a frustrated cab driver from San Francisco invented the third brake light after being rear-ended for the 12th time. He hard wired a truck light to his rear brake lights, and with the help of a psychologist who was interested in the gadget, history was made. After almost 30 years, it is clear this type of tail light is more than just a pretty decoration. It’s necessary for safe navigation.

Many choices abound when it comes to the third brake light for your Dodge. Sleek and streamlined, or bulky with attitude, you can select the third brake light that allows you to place your own personal stamp on your vehicle's style. Not all 3rd brake lights are universal, so make sure you purchase the appropriate light kit for your make and model Dodge truck.

Dodge LED Third Brake Lights

The Dodge truck third brake light is a mandatory safety feature in all U.S. trucks manufactured post-1986. Distracted drivers kill more than 3,000 people each year and injure well over 400,000, according to U.S. government figures. This additional brake light is usually mounted in a high or elevated location, usually in a central location. This allows for the light to be placed in the line of sight for most drivers following you.

Many studies have shown that this additional light offers a 50% reduction in rear collisions. Newer third brake lights come with LED bulbs already standard, which is beneficial for many reasons. First, it allows for creating visibility and thus increased the safety factor when driving in the dark. Secondly, because it is an LED bulb, it is economical because it lasts longer.

Ensure the third brake light kit you purchase for your Dodge is fully compliant with all SAE and DOT safety standards and is waterproof. The housing should be heavy-duty and capable of resisting water intrusion as well as extreme weather conditions. A good way to tell if this is so is to look at the specs to see if Grade ABS plastic has been used in its construction.

LED brake lights for Dodge trucks are much better than the traditional halogen lights because they are unaffected by the road's vibrations. If you venture off-road or suffer through pothole-ridden streets, then a third LED brake light is an important improvement. You can be pulled over if your third brake light is not functioning.

Types of Dodge LED Third Brake Lights

Great versatility is possible when it comes to Dodge LED third brake lights. Take advantage of the wide variety of styles that include smoked, white, and clear lights. Housings feature chrome, black or clear features that are sure to take your Dodge to the next level of attitude.

Most LED third brake lights manufactured for Dodge trucks are easy to install. Most utilize the existing wiring harness so that it is a plug n play operation. You use the existing bolt holes for installation, and they are low power consumption.

If you have your factory-installed third brake lamp, then you are working with less visibility. Upgrade your third brake lights for increased safety and functionality. OEM third brake lights offer 0.2 seconds faster rise time, which translates into more reaction time for drivers following too closely.

Trucks (makes) with Dodge LED Third Brake Lights

3rd brake light kits are not one-size-fits-all, so make sure you select the right kit for your make and model. Select the # 264112BKHP – LED 3RD BRAKE if you drive a Dodge 2009-2019 or RAM 1500 & 10-18 RAM 2500/3500. This third brake light also comes in red with a smoked lens. If this is your preference, ask for the RECON Part # 264112BK.

The CREE XML white third brake light fits the Dodge Ram 1500 09-19 & 2500/3500 10-18. This is an ultra-high power with red and white LED cargo light. If you like the smoked lens look, make sure you own any of the following: Dodge RAM 02-08 1500 & 2500/3500 03-09. This offers a red LED 3rd brake light with white LED cargo lights and a smoked LED lens.

Older model Dodge trucks are not left out of this equation. If you have a Dodge 1500 that is 1994-2001 or have a Dodge Ram 2500-3500 that is 1994-2002, then order recon #264117BK to enjoy the smoked lens look. The clear lens option is also available for Dodge truck models manufactured between 1994-2002. Select RECON Part # 264117CL for the clear lens option.