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Dodge RAM LED Cab Lights

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Dodge RAM LED Cab Lights

Why Choose Dodge RAM LED Cab Lights

DODGE RAM LED cab lights feature cutting-edge, innovative technology that is sure to set your truck apart from all the rest on the road. Shine brightly through the night and make a statement with custom aftermarket parts from RECON. Get ready to GET LIT!

Compatibility With Many Models and Years

Here at RECON, you will find DODGE RAM cab lights for the following MODEL trucks:

  • The DODGE RAM 1500
  • The DODGE RAM 2500
  • The DODGE RAM 3500
  • All DODGE RAM Dually Trucks 

Types of Dodge RAM Cab Lights

With the ability to select your LED light color and the shade of your lens, you can find the DODGE RAM cab lights that suit the style of your truck. We offer a wide variety of options, including the following: 

  • White LED lights: White cab lights look classic and offer a way to illuminate your DODGE RAM's size and dimensions. The lights alert oncoming traffic, letting drivers know an oversized vehicle is approaching.
  • Amber LED lights: Amber cab lights enhance your style and serve as a heavy-duty lighting option. The brightness provides excellent visibility in all types of weather conditions to improve your overall safety.
  • Strobe LED lights: Strobe lights offer an effective way to alert drivers. The quick flashing lets you signal on the road if an emergency occurs.

You can also choose the lens color you want. Pick a smoked lens to complement dark color trucks and look sleek and modern, or contrast with light color trucks to create a rugged and tough appearance. Or, stick with a classic amber or clear lens.

RECON stocks a wide range of DODGE RAM cab lights that will work for a new installation if your truck does not have any currently, as well as products that can replace OEM factory-installed cab roof lights. We sell 5-piece sets if you are interested in buying a complete kit and singular cab roof lights if you want to replace one light on your truck.

Quick and Easy Installations

We have cab roof light sets that will fit MODELS dating back to the mid-1990s up through the current production year. Every RECON set of DODGE RAM cab lights comes with a complete wiring kit and hardware, which makes the installation process simple and straightforward. There is no major labor involved, and you can use minor hand tools that you likely already have in your garage.

The Benefit of Installing Dodge RAM LED Cab Roof Lights

Whether you are doing a fresh install on a DODGE RAM that does not yet have cab roof lights, or are upgrading your old set to a fresh new kit, you're bound to be amazed at the ultra high-power lights from RECON. Your truck will shine brightly into the distance, providing both style and added safety on the road. Oncoming traffic will see you farther in the distance as your truck approaches, decreasing the chances of head-on collisions. This is particularly important if you frequently drive at night or in inclement weather.

DODGE RAM cab lights also give your truck the opportunity to stand out from all the rest, especially when you select a custom aftermarket kit from RECON. We offer sets with a strobing feature, which gives you the perfect opportunity to draw attention to your ride at the next truck meet.

Additionally, LED lights are the new driver's choice for most aftermarket lighting accessories. On your cab roof lights, they will provide a longer run time compared to halogen bulbs, meaning you won't have to worry about frequent and inconvenient bulb replacement. They draw less power from your truck's battery, are more impact resistant and durable, and emit a light that is brighter and more powerful than halogen bulbs. With a new set of RAM LED cab lights, you can have a truck that is years old looking like you just drove it fresh off the lot.

Backed by Limited Warranty

In addition to the wide variety of styles of DODGE RAM cab lights available at RECON, we offer customer support that is unparalleled. We know that you have options when buying DODGE RAM LED cab lights. But be wary of cheap knock-off sites that don't sell as advertised, and don't back up their products. When you shop at RECON, your new 2nd gen DODGE RAM cab lights will be backed by our limited warranty. This ensures that you get the right part, that works correctly, the first time.

At RECON, we also pride ourselves on providing customers with the best technical support in the business. That's why we have a dedicated technical support phone line, separate from general customer service. If at any point you have questions regarding the installation or operation and function of your new DODGE RAM cab lights, you can call our technical support line to speak with a live representative. We believe that buying aftermarket truck parts to soup up your ride should be fun and easy. You should get the parts you want and the service and support you need to make the most of them.

You can reach our friendly technical support representatives anytime Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. And, if you're looking for more DODGE RAM cab lights installation help, check out our FREE handy online installation guides to download and print.

Why Get Your Dodge RAM Cab Lights From RECON?

RECON is your go-to source when you want to enhance your ride's look and function. With over two decades of experience, we're a leader in aftermarket lighting accessories and products. We offer items ranging from LED cab roof lights to illuminated door sills and more. 

Superior Quality of Lighting Products

At RECON, we're proud to give you the best selection of LED lighting possible. Our inventory includes a wide array of categories, with all types of replacement lights available for new or preowned pickup trucks.

Our company designs and manufactures every product we offer, and all our facilities meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This management system ensures top-quality results and consistency you can count on.

Available Shipping Across the Globe

We're proud to serve truck enthusiasts around the world. For greater convenience, we offer Overnight or 2nd Day Air and Ground Shipping to customers located within the United States. See the information on our FAQs page to learn more about our delivery methods.

Savings With Aggressive Discounts

To thank you for shopping with us, we offer huge savings throughout the year. You can browse our warehouse deals to see what's on sale now. Or join RECON Brigade, our VIP customer loyalty program, to get exclusive insight and offerings.

Secure Orders

We take privacy seriously and never give out your personal information. To protect your financial data, our shopping cart and online checkout systems use the highest level of military-grade security.

FAQs About Our Dodge RAM Cab Lights

Still deciding which DODGE RAM 2500/3500 cab lights you should get? Learn more from these common questions and answers.

Should I buy a one-piece or five-piece set?

You'll typically see five cab lights on oversized vehicles, like the DODGE RAM. You can buy these five-piece arrangements from our assortment of styles and designs. Our one-piece arrangements are helpful if you need to replace or add a single cab light.

Will I need to buy a wiring kit and hardware?

If your vehicle doesn't have factory-installed OEM cab lights, you may need a wiring kit and hardware. Take a look at our suggested cab light kits and read the description to ensure compatibility with your model.

How do I choose the right cab lights?

The type of DODGE RAM cab lights you choose depends on your preferences. You can contact our team to learn more about the style and features and get recommendations suiting your goals.

Light Up Your Dodge RAM Today

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