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Dodge RAM LED Fender Lights

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If you own a DODGE RAM and you’re looking for a cool, understated way to GET LIT, you can GO RECON with a new set of fender lights. Fender lights are a massively chill way to add accents to your sweet ride. They are relatively inexpensive, functional, and understated. Because all of our DODGE truck fender lights are LED, they’re also long-lasting, cool to the touch, and don’t run down your battery when your engine is off. There is way too much win with DODGE fender lights for you not to put a set on your ride. Order today!

Types of Dodge LED Fender Lights

Whether you have an older model DODGE RAM pickup truck or a newer body style, your partners at RECON have you covered. We have red, smoked clear, and white fender lights with chrome and black trim for DODGE RAM model years from ‘94 to current ‘21 models. Make sure you get the right DODGE LED fender lights for your truck.

If you misorder, you can take advantage of our friendly return policy, but RECON knows you just want to get your lights and get them installed, so make sure you order the correct color, trim, and model year lights for your DODGE RAM pickup truck. If you don’t see the LED fender lights you’re looking for, or you drive another truck make, click here for additional options. 

Why You Want DODGE LED Fender Lights

There are a few practical reasons that you might want to add fender lights to your DODGE RAM. In addition to helping show off the sleek lines of your beast, fender lights alert drivers to the presence of your truck’s fenders. Not all DODGE RAM trucks have fenders, which means that other drivers may not take into account the additional width of your vehicle when they are navigating their way around it. A fender light will alert them to the actual width (not the perceived width) of your truck. Additionally, if you don’t have side-mirror puddle lights on your truck, LED fender lights will provide additional lighting for you to get in and out of your vehicle. Finally, DODGE LED fender lights act as additional safety lighting for when you have to pull off the road on a poorly lit highway or in low-visibility weather.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dodge LED Fender Lights

We want to answer all of your questions, so if you don’t see what you want to know answered here, contact our customer service department and ask away. 

Are DODGE LED Fender Lights Difficult to Install?

If you are not replacing existing DODGE fender lights, you will have to drill two small holes into the body of your truck. If you do not have experience with this kind of aftermarket upgrade, you should ask a buddy who has experience or take it to the shop. There’s no embarrassment in not wanting to ruin your truck’s fenders, so make the right choice. If you decide to install the lights on your own, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like My DODGE LED Fender Lights?

If your fender lights are not what you expect or you order the wrong accessory for your DODGE RAM pickup truck, you can return them in their original packaging for a full refund (minus a 20% restocking fee.) We are, of course, unable to refund used or installed parts, so be sure before you attempt installation. 

Will These LED Fender Lights Drain My Battery? 

Any light on your vehicle will draw on your battery to some degree. LED lights, however, have an extremely low draw, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on when your engine is off. 


RECON is your number one online aftermarket lighting and accessory provider for DODGE RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickup trucks. In addition to DODGE, we also have LED fender lights and other parts for FORD, GMC, CHEVY, JEEP, TOYOTA, HUMMER, and more. Turn your DODGE RAM into a show truck with matching and coordinated headlights, taillights, front air dam lights, and of course, fender lights. Shop with confidence with our warranty and our generous return policy. Order today!