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Dodge RAM LED Tail Lights

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Dodge Ram LED Tail Lights

RECON is the place to shop for aftermarket DODGE RAM LED tail lights. With countless options to choose from, in a wide variety of styles, you can find a new DODGE RAM tail light installation to match your style. Don't stick with the original factory-installed tail lights on your truck! You deserve something better, something more eye-catching, and something more stylish. We're pulling out all the stops to bring you LED tail lights that are sure to make your truck stand out. So GET LIT and shop RECON today!

Types of DODGE RAM LED Tail Lights

We stock DODGE RAM tail light installations that fit MODELS dating all the way back to 1994. You will find parts that fit the DODGE RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 all at a reasonable price. Take your pick from classic clear lenses with chrome trim, smoked/black lenses, or red lenses. We also offer dark red smoked lenses if you're looking for something that's new and different.

Additionally, you will find sets that replace OEEM halogen tail lights if you're looking to make the switch to LEDs and really light up your truck. We have LED tail lights with special features, such as scanning turn signals.

The Benefits of LED Tail Lights

If you already have a set of DODGE RAM LED tail lights and are looking to upgrade to a fresh set, you already know how awesome they are. However, if you have an older MODEL DODGE with traditional halogen style tail lights, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see what a huge difference they can make on the back of your truck. There are many benefits to installing LED tail lights, both in terms of style and in terms of safety.

First, if you have an older DODGE RAM tail light installation, it's likely that the lenses covering your lights are dull and hazy. They may be scratched from years of debris kicking up from the road, particularly if you like to take your truck off-roading. This is totally normal, but as the years go by and the lenses become more damaged it makes it more challenging for the light to shine through, dulling its appearance and decreasing your visibility.


Not only will getting a new tail light installation help your lenses look better but if you are just making the switch to LED tail lights you will be pleasantly surprised at how long the bulbs last. LED light bulbs tend to last many times longer compared to halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Many truck owners can go years without ever having to replace one at all.

Not only do the lightbulbs last longer without burning out, but LED bulbs are also more impact-resistant compared to traditional tail light bulbs. If you're a truck driver who puts your DODGE RAM through the mud, goes off-roading, or drives through treacherous terrain, LEDs are the lights to have. They are less likely to shatter or break upon impact.

Save Power on Your Vehicle

Another benefit of choosing DODGE RAM LED tail lights is that they draw less power from your truck's battery. This extends the lifespan of your battery, leading to less frequent replacements and ultimately saving you money.

Improve Your Safety on the Road

Not only does switching to an LED DODGE RAM tail light installation make sense economically but LED lights can also improve your safety on the road. As LED light bulbs are much brighter compared to traditional halogen bulbs, they are seen further in the distance. Other drivers will also be more likely to see them when driving in inclement weather, such as rain or fog, and when it's dark out. When you combine LED tail lights with our ultra-high power LED turn signals, other drivers will know where you are going well in advance. This decreases the chance of accidents, keeping everyone safe.

Backed by Limited Warranty

All RECON DODGE RAM LED tail lights to come backed by our limited warranty. As fellow truck lovers ourselves, we know the amount of dedication and hard work you put into making your truck look great. You need a company that stands behind its products, ensuring you get what you order every time. Cheap knock-off sites don't offer this same level of protection. Often, you make a purchase and have to hope for the best. There may not even be a customer service number to call if you need help. That's not how we do things here at RECON.

When you buy from RECON not only is your new DODGE RAM tail light installation backed by our limited warranty, but you have the power of the RECON family behind you as well. We have handy free online installation guides if you're looking for additional guidance, as well as a dedicated technical support team standing by to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call any time Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm EST to speak with a technician in real-time. We'll make sure you get your new DODGE RAM LED tail lights up and running as soon as possible.