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Dodge RAM Projector Headlights

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Do you need to replace a broken headlight on your Dodge Ram pickup? Do you want a product that is a significant upgrade from traditional reflector headlights? 

RECON Truck Accessories is your one-stop headquarters for high-performing projector headlights for Dodge Ram 1500s and other popular models. We have lights that fit trucks manufactured from 2002 to 2023. 


Choose From Various Headlight Types

Whether your truck is almost new or has completed many years of service, you'll find the perfect match at RECON. We're continuously updating our inventory to bring you the latest, most advanced products on the market. Our projector headlights include advanced features like high-power amber LED turn signals, daytime running lights and smooth-operating OLED halos. 

You'll also find numerous lens options with our Dodge Ram 1500 LED headlights. Whether you prefer a clear or smoked look, you'll discover the style that best complements your truck.


Why Purchase Projector Headlights for Your Dodge Ram?

Projector headlights have a unique design featuring an additional lens that magnifies the light before sending it. This lens also increases the brightness level. 


Whether you're in the market for a Ram 1500 headlight or another model headlight, projector lights offer numerous benefits compared to traditional reflector products:


  • More focused beam: The design of projector lights magnifies the light before emitting the beam, creating a brighter, more targeted pattern in front of your vehicle. 
  • Safer for other drivers: Although projector lights are brighter, they won't blind the other drivers you pass on the road. The beam shines in more of a downward direction instead of straight ahead. 
  • No dark spots: Projectors distribute the light more evenly than reflector units. This minimizes the occurrence of darker areas that can impact a driver's nighttime vision.
  • Attractive appearance: Many projector headlights have a sleek, modern appearance that can add a noticeable touch of style to a Ram truck or other Dodge models. Your vehicle will stand out from all the others on the road.

RECON Customer Service

When you purchase a Ram 1500 headlight or any other product from RECON Truck Accessories, you can expect exceptional service throughout the process. We're truck enthusiasts, just like you — we understand the pride you take in your vehicle and the pleasure you experience when driving it down the road. We know you want only the best parts for your truck, and that's what we aim to deliver. 


We back our products with a limited warranty, giving you extra protection and peace of mind. We also offer access to a dedicated technical support line to provide expert answers to your questions. Do you have concerns about correctly installing a Ram 1500 headlight? Our free online installation guides will take you through every step of the process, saving you time and hassles. 


Explore Our Dodge Ram Projector Headlight Lineup

Browse our current selection of projector headlights and order online today. Use our online descriptions to learn more about each product and make an educated purchasing decision. You can also contact us online to request additional information.