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Ford F-150 LED Tail Lights

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Ford F-150 Tail Lights

Shop RECON for the best selection in FORD F-150 tail lights and upgrade your truck today. With countless F-150 LED tail lights to choose from, you can give your ride a whole new look with a style that's entirely unique to you. At RECON, we sell the most innovative, cutting-edge products, with superior performance and function. Our FORD F-150 tail lights are backed by a limited warranty and as part of the RECON family you have access to a dedicated team of technical support technicians to answer any questions you may have.

We currently stock F-150 LED tail lights that fit FORD MODEL trucks dating back to 1997 up through the current manufacturing year. Whether your FORD truck is fresh off the lot or is a labor of love, you will find the LED tail lights you're looking for to make your truck stand out on the road. We stock LED tail light installations that will replace OEM halogen sets as well as tail light installations that will replace OEM LED sets. This means that even if your truck does not currently have LED tail light technology, you can make the upgrade and give your ride the aftermarket truck lights it deserves. We know that you put endless hours into your F-150, making sure it stays clean and fresh. You deserve the best F-150 LED tail lights that are available on the market–and that's exactly what you get when you shop at RECON.

F-150 Tail Light Styles and Features

At RECON, you will find F-150 LED tail lights in a variety of styles, all decked out with the latest features. Pick between a dark, smoked lens for a sleek and modern appearance, a clear lens for a look that is crisp and clean, or an ultra-bold red lens for a look that stands out. Additionally, find tail lights with a dark red smoked lens for a look that's unique. No matter which style you select, you can't go wrong.

All of our FORD F-150 tail lights utilize the newest technology, with features that include BLIS blind-spot warning systems, scanning OLED turn signals, and more on select models. These features offer a major advantage over traditional tail lights of the past, making them a must-have. Not only do they provide a stylish look on your ride but they add extra elements of safety.

The Benefits of F-150 LED Tail Lights

If you currently drive a FORD F-150 truck with LED tail lights, you know how awesome they are. The bulbs shine bright, even through smoked lenses, making your truck easily seen on the road no matter what the time of day or weather condition you drive through. If you still have a halogen tail light installation and are looking to make the upgrade, get ready to be amazed. You will wonder how you went so long without LED tail lights for your Ford F-150.

LED lightbulbs emit a light that is much brighter and focused compared to traditional halogen installations. Additionally, they are more impact resistant and have a lifespan that is many times that of their traditional counterparts. It's likely that you will be able to go years without having to replace a burned-out bulb. And, LED lightbulbs draw less power from your truck's battery. All around, they are a better option when compared to halogen bulbs.

It's likely that if your truck is more than a few years old your tail lights aren't shining quite as bright as they used to. This may be because your lenses are scratched, or debris is accumulating inside the lens obscuring the light. With a fresh set of FORD F-150 tail light replacements, your truck will look brand new again. And with new LED light technology, it will be even better than when you first drove it off the lot.

LED lightbulbs are visible much further in the distance compared to halogen bulbs. Other drivers will be able to see you well in advance, and your new LED turn signals will alert others of where you are going well before you make a turn. This decreases the risk of an accident on the road, keeping you and other drivers safe.

Our F-150 Tail Lights Are Backed by a Limited Warranty

RECON FORD F-150 tail lights are backed by our limited warranty, which is something you won't get shopping on cheap knock-off websites. Here at RECON, we stand behind each product we sell and believe in providing the very best in customer support and assistance. For this reason, not only do we provide a free limited warranty on F-150 LED tail lights, but as a proud RECON customer, you will also have access to our dedicated technical support team. Our technical support team consists of live representatives who are standing by and ready to take your call any time from 9 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time. Should you ever have any questions about your new set of F-150 LED tail lights, give us a call and we will be happy to provide the assistance you need.