Ford F-150 Projector Headlights

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Ford F-150 Projector Headlights

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When shopping for FORD F-150 projector headlights it's essential that you buy the best set on the market. You don't want cheap knockoffs from online sites that don't stand behind what they sell. After all, headlights may be one of the aftermarket parts that make your truck stand out the most. Having durable, long-lasting F-150 headlights that not only look great, but also have superior performance is a must.

Ford F-150 Projector Headlights at RECON

At RECON, we have a wide variety of F-150 headlights for trucks made from the early 2000s through today. Whether your truck is an older Model or you purchased it recently, we know that as a truck lover you're always looking for parts to soup it up. You want your truck to stand apart from the rest. You want to give it an edge. With projector headlights you can modernize an older Model or make a new Model even brighter.

Projector headlights don't just make your truck look awesome. They also provide you with a better line of vision at night. The beams inside projector headlights are magnified before the installation emits them onto the road by an internal metal plate. Your light becomes more focused, allowing you to see further into the distance as well as your peripherals.

With FORD F-150 projector headlights, not only will you be able to see better at night but others will be able to see you as well. Brighter lights mean that oncoming traffic will see you coming from the distance, making the road a safer place for all.

Types of Ford F-150 Projector Headlights

RECON offers F-150 headlights in a variety of styles. We offer sets with ultra high-power smooth white OLED daytime running lights, high-power amber turn signals, as well as scanning LED turn signals. You don't have to have a truck that came with LED projector headlights, either–we have installations that will replace factory installed original manufacturer sets.

If you're looking for a set of Ford F-150 headlights that looks ultra rugged and tough, check out a few of our installations that feature a prominent white LED detail around the border. They're sure to stand out and give your truck that boost you've been looking for.

Or if you're going for a sleeker look, check out our installations that are are subtle in appearance yet just as powerful in terms of light. It's all about your truck, your style, and what you're looking for in a set of headlights.

Popular Projector Headlight Lenses

Not every truck driver has the same taste, and at RECON we know you want your ride to reflect your personality. Not only can you choose from a variety of styles for your FORD F-150 projector headlights, but we offer installations with different lenses so you can get the ones you want most.

We have installations that come with clear/chrome lenses, as well as headlight sets that come with smoked/black lenses. The great thing is that with projector headlights, the smoked lens still won't dim your beam. The light is powerful enough to illuminate the roadway while still maintaining the sleek look provided by smoked lenses.

Select clear/chrome lenses if you're looking to match your headlights with a light colored truck, or if you simply prefer the style. The black/smoked projector headlights make an excellent contrasting statement with a light colored truck while blending seamlessly for those that are dark in color.

Products You Can Believe In

At RECON, we sell products you can trust. Again, don't trust your truck with just any old part from cheap knock off sites. You want to make sure you get the right part, and the best part, the first time you order.

Limited Warranty*

All RECON products come with a limited warranty, and our FORD F-150 headlights are no different. We know the headache of getting a product that isn't what we thought it would be, or learning that it doesn't function properly. At RECON, you don't have to worry about that. When you buy a set of headlights backed by our limited warranty, you're covered.

Online Installation Guides

Another thing we pride ourselves on here at RECON is our customer support. We don't say goodbye after you make a purchase. We know that you're more than just a customer–you're a fellow truck lover. If you need assistance installing your new FORD F-150 headlights, we offer free online installation guides.

Technical Support

Additionally, we know that sometimes it's easier to talk to a fellow truck expert when you have technical questions or questions about installation. We have a dedicated technical support line standing by from 9am until 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. Our technicians are here to answer any questions you may have so that you can get the most out of your new F-150 headlights with the easiest installation possible.

Our technical support line is: 561-771-1183.