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We’re in the lighting business here at RECON, so we get excited when truck owners GET LIT with any of our fine products. But our selection of FORD Raptor projector headlights is genuinely one of our favorite to sell. It’s hard to make an already sweet vehicle like the FORD Raptor look even better, but we think these aftermarket lights may be one of those rare products that can improve on perfection.

Why You Need FORD Raptor Projector Headlights

Vehicle headlights have been around for over a hundred years, but there haven’t been many improvements on the original reflector headlamps. Yeah, sure, they’ve gotten a little brighter and lasted a little longer, but light improvements haven’t kept pace with the radical changes that have gone on behind the light housing — until now. LED Projector lights are game-changers. Here’s why:

  • LED lights last tens of thousands of hours, so you will probably never have to change them.
  • Projector lights are significantly brighter than regular headlights, but they don’t blind oncoming drivers since they point downward. That’s enhanced visibility for you without jeopardizing other drivers.
  • LED projector headlights have a much lower battery draw, so when your engine is off, you can leave your lights on for a while.
  • LED lights don’t get hot, which means if you lean against them, they won’t burn you.
  • On the FORD Raptor specifically, LED Projector lights look AMAZING!

Types of FORD Raptor Projector Headlights RECON Carries

You want FORD Raptor projector headlights, and RECON has a size and style that will go with your model year. We have LED FORD Raptor projector headlights in smoke, black, clear, and chrome. Before you order, make sure that the lights you’re getting are the right fit for your FORD Raptor.

We also have projector lights for other FORD trucks, CHEVY, DODGE, GMC, and MORE! Click here to shop for other models.

Installing FORD Raptor Projection Lights

GETTING LIT with RECON has never been easier. Our aftermarket Ford Raptor Headlights are designed to replace the reflector bulbs in your 2009 to 2014 FORD Raptor. They come standard in later models. Read all of the instructions before removing and installing your lights. If you are unsure of any part of the process — particularly when it comes to electric wiring — take your FORD Raptor and Raptor headlights to the mechanic. Otherwise, you risk damaging your new FORD Raptor LED Headlights. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing any lights.

  1. Visually inspect your RECON Raptor headlights to ensure they are an exact match for the headlights in your truck. If they are of a different shape or type, do not proceed. Return your headlights to RECON and get the correct model number.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Pop the rubber cover off of its clips.
  4. Unscrew the two 10mm bolts on top of the light housing and the one on the inside.
  5. Push on the pushpins on the outside of the light housing until it comes free.
  6. Unplug the three bulb fixtures from the light housing.
  7. Detach the light fixtures from the existing wires and re-attach them to the new wires. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and to match the wires with the corresponding colors. If you are unsure of this step, take your FORD Raptor to the shop.
  8. Solder the wires at their connection points.
  9. Use heat shrink tubing to seal the exposed wires
  10. Reconnect the plugs.
  11. Test the lights before mounting them back inside the truck.
  12. Remount the lights reversing the process in steps 1 to 4.

Frequently Asked Questions About FORD Raptor Projector Headlights

We know you want FORD Raptor LED projector headlights, but you have questions. It’s only natural when you’re considering such a massive upgrade. We’re here to help. If you don’t see the answer to your question, call us during our business hours or drop us a message here.


FORD began including LED projector headlights in the Raptor after 2014 as a standard feature. There was no real need for an aftermarket product.


Our “black” glass isn’t truly black. The light shines through it just fine, and it doesn’t hinder visibility. The FORD Raptor LED projector headlights we sell are legal in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.


Shop FORD Raptor LED projector headlights with confidence. We want you to be happy with your aftermarket lights, but if you’re not, RECON will refund your purchase for unopened products minus the restocking fee. Buy FORD Raptor LED projector headlights today!