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Ford Superduty F-350 Acrylic Emblem Inserts

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GO RECON and GET LIT with FORD F-350 LED Illuminated Emblems. Whether you’re driving a brand new, off-the-assembly line FORD F-350 or your ride is a few years old. RECON has your back. We have multiple colored F-350 emblems that will announce to all that an F-350 driver has pulled onto their street.

Why You Need RECON Illuminated F-350 Emblems

You have a FORD F-350 truck that does what it’s supposed to do, right? It moves you around, hauls your load, gets you over rough roads, and more. So, why do you need illuminated emblems for your FORD F-350? The truth is that you only need them if you want your truck to look awesome! These are custom items that make a commanding machine like the F-350 look even better.

Where Your FORD F-350 Lights Go

Whether you have a FORD F-350 from 2011 to 2016 or a more recent model, your illuminated emblems will go right in front of your front door, where the existing emblem currently lives. In the newer models, the emblems are vertical, while the older models have a flat profile. Make sure to order the correct emblems for your truck.

Types of F-350 Illuminated Emblems

We’ve got a nice collection of FORD F-350 light emblems in different colors for different body types. Here are some of RECON’S current best sellers:

FORD F350 17-21 Illuminated Emblems Black Chrome Amber, Red, White & Blue – These lights come in amber, red, white, or blue in sets of two. The F-350 letters are vertical, and you can get them on either a chrome or black mounting. You have eight possible looks with these LED lights. Buy them for the year models 2017 to 2021.

FORD F350 11-16 Illuminated Emblems Black Chrome in Amber, Red & White – These LED lights come in amber, red, and white, with a black striped background. “F-350” and “Super Duty” are both displayed horizontally. This kit will fit on 2011 to 2016 FORD F-350s.

FORD F350 11-16 Illuminated Emblems Chrome in Amber, Red & White – This set of two LED display lights to come in red, white, and amber on a chrome background. The color of the “Super Duty” letters matches the F-350 lighted area. This will work on FORD F-350 model areas between 2011 to 2016.

FORD F350 08-10 Illuminated Emblems Black in Amber, Red & White – These LED lights are available in amber, red, or white. They are fitted for the FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY with the lettering displayed horizontally. You can mount these on 2008 to 2010 body types.

FORD F350 08-10 Illuminated Emblems Chrome in Amber, Red & White – If you prefer the look of chrome, these are similar to the red, white, and amber lights featured above, but with a chrome background and black horizontal lettering.

For all other FORD illuminated emblems, click here.

Installing Illuminated Emblems

Because these lights are customized for the FORD F-350, installation is meant to be easy.

  1. Make sure that your RECON Illuminated Side Emblems match the stock emblems on your truck. They should be the same size.
  2. Gently pry out your stock emblem plate. Make sure not to scratch the paint around the edges.
  3. The wiring must be run from inside the hole where the emblem plate is located up to the headlights. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of wiring, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or take it to your local shop.
  4. Connect the illuminated emblem to the wiring.
  5. Snap your illuminating emblem plate in the spot where the old plate was.

It’s a pretty simple procedure, but as always, make sure you know what you’re doing before starting your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About RECON Illuminated Emblems


LED lights are possibly the most efficient type of bulb there is for your truck usage. LED bulbs last for years, don’t use much energy, stay cool, and they’re really bright.


Most states have laws that dictate that you can’t have blue or red lights on the front of your vehicle. The idea is that those colors are reserved for police and fire rescue. Those laws don’t apply to sidelights, however. You’re safe.


RECON wants you to shop with confidence, which is why you can return items in the box for a full refund minus a 20% stocking fee. Unfortunately, we cannot accept damaged or used parts, so make sure you check out your purchases before you try to install them.

RECON wants your Ford F-350 to get lit with a rad new set of LED illumination emblems. Order yours today!