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Ford Superduty F-350 LED 3rd Brake Lights

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Depending on how long you’ve been driving trucks, you may remember a time when a third brake light was an optional upgrade or a feature that the manufacturer mounted below the rear window to enhance their product’s safety rating. But in 1986, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated that all vehicles come equipped with a third brake light. And there have been some studies that third brake lights may help prevent accidents, so it’s probably a good thing that NHTSA started mandating them.

Unless you have a vintage FORD pickup, all FORD trucks manufactured in the past 35 years have come with a standard third brake light.

State Laws and Third Brake Lights

All states have statutes that regulate the safety equipment on private and commercial vehicles. These laws usually require that either all brake lights or two brake lights are functional and visible from a distance of 300 feet (or some other measurement) in daylight. That means the police can pull you over if your third brake light isn’t functioning correctly. Even if the friendly law enforcement officer is pulling you over to compliment your sweet Ford F-350 and to let you know that your third brake light is out, who wants that? To avoid unnecessary brushes with law enforcement, be proactive and perform a periodic equipment check on your vehicle to ensure that all brake lights are functional and shine brightly. Or, just call your buddy who’s following you into town and ask them if all of your lights are working.

When to Replace Your F-350 3rd Brakelights

As usual, you can GET LIT and get brand new FORD F-350 Third Brakelights at RECON! Here are some reasons why you should replace the third brake light on your FORD F-350.

  • When it stops working (either stays off when you turn your lights on or doesn’t brighten when you hit the brakes).
  • When it doesn’t shine brightly enough to be seen from 300 feet away.
  • When it doesn’t match the look of the other lights that you just installed on your FORD F-350.

Order your replacement from RECON. We have 3rd brake lights that fit FORD F-350s from model years 1995 to 2021.

Types of Third F-350 Brakelights

GET LIT and GO RECON with these fantastic options for third brake lights for FORD F-350:

Our LED F-350 3rd brake lights are compatible with the FORD models that they’re designed for. Because they are LED lights, there is a minimum energy drain, have a very bright light output, and will last for years and years.

Truck Makes with F-350 Third Brakelights

Many of our FORD F-350 third brake lights are also compatible with FORD RANGER, F-250, F-350, and Explorer Sport Trac. For other third brake lights available, shop RECON here.

Installing Third Brake Lights on Your FORD F-350

You should be able to uninstall your old FORD F-350 third brake light and put in your new brake light with a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. These lights are compatible with the existing wiring and are designed to mount precisely as the old part did, so no drilling or rewiring.

Ordering Your FORD F-350 Third Brakelight From RECON!

We know you’re excited to get your light and install it in your FORD F-350, but for the best results, follow this checklist.

  • Make sure that the part you’re ordering is the right one and that it’s compatible with your truck.
  • All of our third brake lights shine white light but have smoked or clear glass. Make sure you pick the one you want for your vehicle.
  • Order RECON.
  • If you ordered the wrong part, don’t open the package. Mistakes happen. Just send it back to take advantage of our generous return policy.

RECON is the favorite online retailer of F-350 and other truck owners everywhere. Contact us today if you have questions about FORD F-350 third brake lights and more!