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Ford Superduty F-350 LED Mirror / Puddle Lights

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GO RECON and GET LIT with a brilliant new set of FORD F-350 Mirror Puddle Lights. These are the bottom-mounted lights on your side mirrors and light up the ground around your doors. They get the name puddle lights because they help you avoid stepping in water puddles when you’re getting in or out of your truck on a dark night.

Newer FORD F-350 trucks already have puddle lights installed, but we have what we feel are superior aftermarket replacements. Whether you just want a better quality of light, or you’re just not excited about having the FORD logo show up on the ground around your feet every time you get in your truck, RECON has you covered. Buy a set of F-350 Mirror Light Replacements today!

F-350 Mirror Puddle Lights

Like most of our FORD aftermarket products, we’ve got F-350 puddle light options available for older and newer models. We also have LED lights in several colors because, unlike headlights and brake lights, the law doesn’t really care what color puddle lights you have. Many of our puddle light kits have LED bulbs, which offer several advantages over conventional bulbs:

  • They never get hot.
  • They cause virtually no battery drainage, so you can leave them on while your truck is shut off.
  • They last thousands upon thousands of hours.
  • They cast a better quality light than halogen lamps.

Types of F-350 Mirror Puddle Lights

It’s important when buying any product that you match the part with the vehicle. But you should also pay attention to the little details. We want you to be happy with the size, shape, color, and functionality of your FORD F-350 Puddle Lights. After all, you spend hours entering, exiting, and driving your truck, so you should be satisfied with every part, from bumper to bumper. Here are some great puddle light options for you to GET LIT with:

Truck Makes With F-350 Mirror Puddle Lights

FORD F-350 Mirror Puddle Lights sometimes work on F-250, F-350, F-450, Super Duty, and Excursion. Please verify that the lights you order are fitted for your vehicle to ensure satisfaction.

FORD F-350 Mirror Light Replacement

Replacing F-350 mirror lights is a fairly simple process. They are designed to fit where your existing lights are located. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to do this replacement, take it to the shop to avoid damaging your side mirrors (which can be a much pricier repair).

Here are the basic steps for F-350 mirror light replacement:

  1. Gently pry the truck’s side mirror out. Do not use force, or you damage the mirror or its mountings.
  2. Unscrew the mirror to separate it from its housing.
  3. Remove the old mirror light. It should pop out with little force, but be careful not to damage the mountings.
  4. Remove the old light from the plug.
  5. Plug in your new LED mirror puddle light.
  6. Make sure it works before you put the mirror back.
  7. Snap the puddle light into the fixture.
  8. Screw the mirror back into the housing.
  9. Replace the mirror in the mount. Snap it into place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Puddle Light Replacement

FORD enthusiasts always have questions, but that doesn’t bother us. We like answering them. Here are a few that we’ve had concerning puddle lights:


This is obviously your choice, but here are a few good reasons to replace your lights:

  • You want to upgrade to LED lights to avoid battery drainage.
  • You want to change the color of the lights.
  • You want better lighting.
  • The bulbs on your existing lights get hot.
  • Your puddle lights stopped working.


RECON gets how exciting it is to get any FORD F-350 accessory or part in the mail, so we definitely don’t want you to be disappointed. However, if you did order the wrong part or just aren’t satisfied, return it in its original packaging for a refund minus a restocking fee. We aren’t able to accept used or previously installed parts.

GET LIT and GO RECON With FORD F-350 Puddle Lights

With over a dozen options just for FORD F-350, we know that you’ll find an option that you like. Order your mirror puddle lights from RECON today!