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If you’re looking to customize your GMC truck with LED cab lights, RECON is the place to find an unmatched selection of LED GMC cab lights. Light up the night and the road ahead of you with a GMC light kit that’s fitted so well for your beast that no one will be able to tell that it’s an aftermarket product. RECON has your back with a limited warranty that allows you to shop our accessories with confidence. Like all RECON products, we stand behind our GMC cab lights and wiring kits.

Whether you need cab LED lights to give your GMC truck additional functionality or you just want to install a set of LED lights to make your truck look amazing — particularly in the dark — you’re going to respect the power of these high-speed, low-drag lights.

Cab Lights for Old and New Trucks

GMC trucks are timeless classics and part of the historical backdrop of this country. Whether you bought a relatively new truck or you have one with a few hundred thousand miles under its wheels, two things are true: you want your GMC running great, and you want it looking sweet. At RECON, we feel the same way that you do about GMC trucks. They’re a big part of why we’re in this business.

Our massive array of GMC cab lights are custom-designed to fit your truck. We have kits that work with the late-model Yukons, Terrains, Canyons, Sierra 1500s, 2500HDs, and 3500HDs, as well as Silverados. We also have kits that will fit Sierras and Chevies from the 1990s. 

RECON doesn’t only carry one model for older trucks. We have over 30 types of cab lights for GMC trucks alone, and many will fit older GMC body types. You’re bound to find the right one for the look of your GMC truck.

Types of GMC LED Roof Cab Lights

At RECON, we're proud to sell a high-quality selection of OEM GMC cab lights. We carry many styles, including the ultramodern smoked lens, an innovative super white lens, the stylish clear lens and a classic amber lens option. The LED lighting comes with the following types of illumination to suit your preferences:

  • White: Our bright, white illumination units are meant to stand out on the road. 
  • Amber: We carry amber illumination options if you'd like a powerful glow in a warm hue. 
  • White and amber: Our white and amber illumination options feature an eye-catching strobe feature. 
  • RGB (multi-colored): We sell multi-illumination options with red, green and blue lighting patterns and brightness controls. 

Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose between a five-piece and three-piece GMC roof marker light set. The five-piece sets come with LED lights of equal shapes and sizes. The three-piece sets feature one large, singular bar with LEDs and two complementing side pieces for a customized look. 

Why You Need Cab Lights for Your Truck

If you already have cab lights on your GMC, you may be looking for an upgrade — and LED bulbs are a significant upgrade, particularly if you have halogen cab lights. LED bulbs have a much higher light output and significantly lower heat output. In addition, LED cab lights use a fraction of the energy that halogen bulbs do. That means that they draw a fraction of the energy from your GMC battery when you’re using them.

Not only are LED lights more efficient, but they can last for up to 50,000 hours, which is over five years of continuous use and 13 times longer than halogen bulbs. LED bulbs don’t emit heat, and they’re impact-resistant. It’s our informed belief that LED bulbs are superior to halogen bulbs in every way. 

OEM GMC Cab Lights Backed by Limited Warranty

At RECON, our company consists of hardcore truck enthusiasts. We understand the importance of ensuring your investments are protected. That's why we have a limited warranty on our GMC LED roof cab lights.

If you receive products with defective materials or craftsmanship, the coverage provides a way to submit a return for review. Have questions or need product support? Feel free to fill out a contact form and our customer service team will get in touch with you. 

Benefits of Shopping With RECON

Don't buy your outfitting accessories and equipment from just anyone — you deserve the best. RECON has over 23 years of experience as a premier LED lighting manufacturer for trucks and SUVs. We provide the following:

  • Superior quality: Our company facilities meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We're committed to designing and manufacturing the finest-quality light accessories available in the automotive aftermarket. 
  • Global shipping: We ship to customers around the world. Our ground shipping orders are usually received within four to nine business days in the United States, and we have overnight or second-day air shipping options available if you'd like your package delivered sooner. 
  • Industry expertise: Our RECON blog posts feature buyer guides and product comparisons. We stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations throughout the automotive industry so we can keep you informed. 
  • Aggressive discounts: We provide our loyal customers with special offers. Our newsletter subscribers receive regular discounts offering many ways to save on your orders throughout the year.
  • RECON Warehouse sales: Our RECON warehouse deals provide a way to get the high-quality products you want at lower prices. We provide search filters so you can enjoy an easy and convenient shopping experience.
  • Safe and secure shopping: We never share your personal data when you shop with us or place an order at checkout. Our site exceeds the requirements of the ISO 2700:01 certification to keep customer information safe and free of any possible security threats. 


You’re amped up about swapping or installing your LED cab lights on your GMC truck, but you also have questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by the community of GMC truck owners.

What are cab lights for?

Large trucks — 80” across or wider — are required to have cab lights to alert oncoming traffic of their approach. Personal trucks aren’t usually required to have them, but they are an additional safety feature. They can also light up the road ahead of you when driving or the ground in front of you for any other activity you might need them for, like setting up camp, helping a friend change a tire on the side of the road, etc.

Can I install LED cab lights on my own?

This depends largely on your personal skillset. If you are replacing an older set of LED lights, you may already have the holes drilled into the roof of your GMC truck. Otherwise, you may have to puncture the top for the wires and the mounting screws. 

You can follow our installation guides to learn how you can easily measure, drill for and mount the GMC cab roof lights within minutes. If you’re unsure about the installation process, it's best to be on the safe side and take it to a shop that does aftermarket work on GMC Trucks.

Can I return my GMC LED cab lights?

If your GMC cab lights haven’t been installed on your truck and they’re still in the box, you can return them for a 20% restocking fee. Used or installed lights can’t be resold, so RECON can’t accept them back.

RECON is Your One-Stop GMC Truck Outfitter

No matter what your GMC aftermarket accessory need is, RECON should be your first and last stop. We not only have an extensive line of cab lights, but we have the wiring kits to install them. If you aren’t sure about the fit of an LED cab light kit for your GMC or CHEVY truck, our technical support team is here to answer your questions.

Want to enhance the style, safety and performance of your GMC truck in other ways? Shop our popular product categories online. You can narrow down the choices by make, model and year to find exactly what you want. If you need help finding something specific, feel free to use our live chat feature or contact us at