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GMC Chevy LED 3rd Brake Lights

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Get your GMC LED 3rd brake lights at RECON today and GET LIT. Browse our various GMC truck parts, accessories, and aftermarket lights selection for the upgrade your truck has been waiting for. GMC truck 3rd brake lights all come backed by a limited warranty, and customers gain exclusive access to the many perks of shopping at RECON. These include FREE online installation guides that you can print or view on your phone while you're out in the driveway or garage completing hookup, as well as a FREE dedicated technical support line that is available to customers Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

With more than twenty GMC LED 3rd brake lights to choose from, you'll be sure to find the installation that matches your style, personality, and, most importantly, your truck. We stock parts and accessories that fit a wide range of GMC trucks and SUVs from many different manufacturing years. That means that whether you're looking for GMC truck 3rd brake lights for a ride that's fresh off the lot, or for one that is a labor of love, RECON always has you covered.

GMC LED 3rd Brake Lights: MODELS & Manufacturing Years

Here are RECON, we're big-time lovers of all things GMC. A classic, reliable American brand, we know the time and attention drivers spend making their trucks look their very best. There are endless ways to customize and upgrade GMC trucks and SUVs, and adding a GMC LED 3rd brake light to the mix is the perfect addition.

We stock LED 3rd brake lights for the following GMC MODEL trucks and SUVs:


Shop RECON for GMC LED 3rd brake lights for the following manufacturing years:

  • 1994-1998
  • 1998-2003
  • 2004-2006
  • 2007-2013
  • 2014-2018
  • 2019-2021

We are continuously updating our inventory to include GMC LED 3rd brake lights for the current manufacturing year, so that you can get the very best aftermarket parts and accessories even if your truck or SUV is brand new. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest models and styles.

GMC LED 3rd Brake Lights: Styles and Function

Here at RECON, we understand the importance of personalizing your vehicle. After all, it's what you drive to work, when you're out around town, to your favorite off-road spot, and to the local meet-ups. You want your ride to truly reflect your style, and you want it to stand out from all the rest. We make it easy to customize your GMC truck or SUV with aftermarket parts and accessories that will make your vehicle uniquely yours.

That's why you'll find GMC truck 3rd brake lights available in a wide variety of styles, with many different functions and features.

Find GMC 3rd brake lights with the following features at RECON:

  • Clear, Smoked, or Dark Red Smoked Lens
  • White and Red LED Light Bulbs
  • Cargo Lights
  • Compatible w/ GMC trucks & SUVs with Cargo Bed Camera
  • High-Power Scanning Function
  • And More

Why Choose LED 3rd Brake Lights?

LED 3rd brake lights are many drivers' installation-of-choice, and they pose many benefits and advantages over traditional halogen installations. Did you know that LED light bulbs emit a light that is both brighter and more clear compared to halogen bulbs? This means that the light cuts through even the darkest of nights and the most inclement weather more easily, improving your visibility and safety on the road. This can reduce your chances of being rear-ended by another driver, as they are more likely to see your vehicle from farther away.

Additionally, LED light bulbs last much longer than halogen bulbs, meaning you will have less frequent replacements. That means less time spent fidgeting with the bulbs on your truck, less money spent at the auto parts store, and less hassle. Just more time driving your GMC truck or SUV, looking fresh on the road.

Shop RECON for GMC LED 3rd Brake Lights Today

For all of your GMC aftermarket lighting needs, shop RECON today. You'll get an unparalleled selection with top-notch customer service. If you're looking for the very best GMC truck 3rd brake lights, no matter what MODEL GMC you drive, this is the place to shop. Don't take the chance with cheap knock-off sites–they're a waste of money! You're likely to get the incorrect part or lights that break after a short period of time. That's never the case when you shop RECON, particularly with our limited warranty that protects you against product defects and incompatibilities.

We make it easy to find the parts and accessories you need. Simply enter your vehicle's MAKE, MODEL, and YEAR, and browse the results. And while you're here, don't forget to check out the countless other installations available for GMC trucks and SUVs, including projector headlights, LED tail lights, fender lights, fog lights, cab roof lights, and so much more. Shop RECON today and GET LIT!