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Projector headlights offer the advantage of a focused light beam that illuminates more of the road surface at an increased distance. RECON Truck Accessories is your one-stop source for high-performing GMC headlights that will enhance your nighttime driving experience. They're the perfect choice for hardcore trucking enthusiasts like you. 

Choose GMC Headlights for Various Models and Years

Our broad selection of projector headlights can provide the ideal match for your vehicle's model and year. Whether you're looking for 2007 GMC Sierra headlights or products for a newer truck like a 2019 Denali, we have you covered! Find the lights that match your style and personality.

Projector GMC Headlights: Types and Features

When you shop RECON for GMC headlights, you get the very best in class. We offer headlight installations that come complete with scanning LED turn signals for ultimate style, as well as CCFL HALOS, OLED HALOS and daytime running lights. Our projector headlights are compatible with HIDs or XENON headlight bulbs, meaning they provide the brightest light with ultimate power.

The Benefits of Projector Headlights

Do you currently have traditional reflector GMC headlights on your vehicle? You'll find that installing projector lights provides a host of valuable benefits:

  • Clearer line of vision: The sharper focus that these technologically advanced headlights provide will dramatically improve visibility. The light beam is stronger and crisper when compared to reflector models. You'll especially notice the difference when driving in bad weather. 
  • Longer distance: Do you frequently drive at night? You'll quickly discover that GMC Sierra LED lights and other projector headlight products enable you to see farther, letting you anticipate what lies ahead. 
  • Enhanced safety: Better visibility creates a safer driving environment for everyone. You'll spot vehicles, animals and other potential hazards sooner, giving you more time to react and avoid an accident. Projector headlights also won't blind approaching drivers. 
  • Easy installation: At RECON, we strive to make every product we sell as fast and straightforward to install as possible. Use our convenient, easy-to-follow online guides to save time and eliminate hassles when performing a do-it-yourself GMC headlight installation project. 
  • Unique appearance: Many vehicle owners find that the dome-like interior design of projector headlights makes them look cool! They present a sleek, modern futuristic look that attracts favorable attention.

Technical Support

Whenever you purchase GMC Sierra headlights or other products from RECON, you’ll partner with a dedicated team of fellow truck enthusiasts who want you to get the most from your purchase. Our knowledgeable technical support representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST to answer your questions and address your concerns. You won’t get this level of support from those second-rate suppliers offering cheap knock-off parts!

Warranty Coverage

Purchasing GMC headlights from RECON comes with protection and peace of mind. We offer a limited warranty that ensures you get what you ordered and that the product performs to your expectations. Our coverage is far more than what you’ll receive from manufacturers and suppliers of inferior parts that don’t deliver what they promise. 

Get Lit With RECON Today!

Is it time to upgrade your GMC headlights? Experience all the benefits of installing top-of-the-line projector headlights from RECON Truck Accessories on your Sierra or Denali.

Take the next step and browse the product descriptions for more information. Fast, secure online ordering is available 24 hours a day. You can also call us at 877-618-4057 for personalized assistance.