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Shop RECON Universal parts for the very best selection of LED lights, suitable for a wide range of MAKE and MODEL trucks and SUVs. Our LED kits are top of the line, offering superior function and performance with the ultimate style and easy installation. RECON lighting kits for trucks and SUVs give your ride an extra element of safety on the road while also helping you stand out and GET LIT.


Our SUV and truck lighting kits fit many different MAKE and MODEL vehicles from a variety of manufacturing years. That means that whether your truck or SUV is brand new, fresh of the lot, or is years old and a labor of love, we have the universal parts to soup up your ride.

At RECON, you will find lighting kits for trucks and SUVs from the following brands:
  • FORD
  • GMC
  • JEEP
  • And More

Since our LED driving lights are part of our universal parts collection, you are sure to find a set to match the needs of your vehicle.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to installing LED driving lights on your truck or SUV, and style and function are just the starting point. Many drivers have practical uses for SUV and truck driving light kits, and the lights can help improve your everyday activities. Here at RECON, we know that you depend on your truck. It's likely that you need it for work, and you definitely need it for all your weekend adventures. But do your SUV or truck's current features and lighting capabilities stand up to the test, meeting all the demands you have for your vehicle? SUV and truck driving light kits can help you get the most out of your ride.

Driving light kits for trucks and SUVs are essential in the following conditions:

  • You frequently drive your vehicle in a low-light environment without any oncoming traffic. Maybe you take your truck or SUV off-roading to a favorite fishing spot or into the desert to cruise the dunes. It can be challenging to see in these environments, where street lights don't often shine. LED driving lights can help.
  • You need better long-range view at night or in poor visibility conditions when there are not many other vehicles in close proximity. Does your local area have frequent rain or snow, or maybe a lot of fog? Do you often drive on low-traffic or empty roads in the wee hours of the morning or at dusk and find yourself struggling to see the lines of the road? Driving light kits for trucks and SUVs can help improve your line of sight.
  • You drive in an area that has a lot of road hazards and obstacles, such as wild animals that may cross the road, fallen tree branches, and more.
  • You frequently drive on highways in low lighting conditions, where long-range vision is essential and there is not substantial oncoming traffic.

LED driving lights have a wide and powerful light beam, casting a significant amount of illumination well into the distance. For this reason, they are generally designed for use when there is no other traffic present as they may cause vision disturbances to other drivers, both oncoming and those in front of you on the road. However, their intense and bright light is ideal for many off-road uses as well as in conditions where there are no other vehicles present.

The Benefit of LED Light Bulbs

At RECON, all of our universal SUV and truck driving light kits are suitable for use with LED light bulbs. LED bulbs present many benefits compared to the traditional halogen bulbs that are present in installations from years past.

Additional advantages:

  • They are generally more impact-resistant compared to traditional bulbs. This makes them ideal for the many off-road uses for our truck lighting kits. Are you driving through debris or scraping tree branches? No worries, your LED bulbs are sure to stand up to the wear and tear.
  • They have a longer lifespan. This means that you will not have to worry about inconvenient trips to the auto store to grab a replacement bulb or fidgeting around with the installation frequently to replace a burned-out bulb. In fact, many drivers see years of life out of their LED bulbs.
  • They draw less power from your truck's battery. This means your battery may last longer, saving you even more money.
  • They are brighter and emit a light that is more white and clear compared to traditional bulbs. Gone are the days of hazy yellow light that is scattered and fails to properly illuminate your surroundings.

Shop RECON Today

Are you ready to GET LIT? Shop RECON today for a wide variety of truck driving light kits, all suitable for use with LED bulbs. Shop from different sizes, shapes, as well as a clear or smoked lens, and get LED lights for trucks that match your ride and your style. For the very best in aftermarket truck lighting, shop RECON.