LED Mirror Puddle Lights / GMC

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LED Mirror Puddle Lights / GMC

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LED Mirror Puddle Lights for Trucks

RECON has a wide selection of LED Mirror Puddle Lights for trucks, in styles that are sure to match any driver's taste and preference. They provide your truck with an extra element of illumination; brighter than anything you can expect from the factory, with superior performance and ultimate durability.

We don't design just any average LED Mirror Puddle Lights here at RECON. We design ones that are sure to stand out. Our parts come decked out with modern features to give your truck a major upgrade. After all, when you're buying aftermarket truck accessories you don't simply want to swap a piece out for something similar to what you already had. You want something bold, new, and different. At RECON, that's what we provide.

LED Mirror Puddle Lights from RECON

RECON LED Mirror Puddle Lights are not your average truck upgrade. We offer models that come decked out with features including scanning or flashing LED turn signals, white or amber LED running lights, smoked lenses, or clear lenses. What this means is that you can pick out the set that matches the style of your truck perfectly. When you install them with other aftermarket truck parts, you can create a look that's unlike any other. Your truck will be entirely unique.

Not only do we offer LED Mirror Puddle Lights with a variety of state-of-the-art features, but you can choose from several different colors if you're looking for something that makes an even bigger statement. Are you looking for something that's out of the norm, that adds extra color and an extra "wow" factor to your truck? We have you covered.

RECON offers LED Mirror Puddle Lights that shine in colors other than bright white. We offer blue sets, red sets, and green sets. Light up the road in a whole new way. Pick your favorite and make a statement.

Advantages of LED Mirror Puddle Lights

LED Mirror Puddle Lights are the investment you need to make in your truck. Not only do they make a huge difference in appearance but they have several advantages over other types of puddle lights. LED lights are the best on the market.

LED lights emit the cleanest, brightest, most powerful beam there is. They are clear and concise, with more power than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. LEDs last longer, use less energy from your truck's battery, and are more impact resistant. What this means is that they will last for years, no matter what you put your truck through.

Since they emit a light that is much stronger than traditional bulbs, others will see your LED Mirror Puddle Lights from a further distance. With the LED turn signals this is particularly helpful, as other drivers will know when you are turning well in advance. This can minimize your chance of accidents on the road, making your truck much more visible at night. What's better than an aftermarket truck accessory that makes your truck look awesome while also providing an added layer of safety?

Types of LED Mirror Puddle Lights

At RECON, we offer LED Mirror Puddle Lights for trucks of various FORD  Models, and Years. You will find light sets for the following vehicles:

We stock LED Mirror Puddle Lights for FORD trucks dating back to 2003, through current year. When you shop at RECON, finding the right part for your ride is easy. Each set of puddle lights has the noted Model and Year noted directly on the page, so there's no guessing. You can be sure that you get the part you need the first time.

Trucks with Factory-Installed Mirror Puddle Lights

RECON stocks LED Mirror Puddle Lights that can replace factory-installed mirror lenses that came as original equipment on your truck. They are plug-and-play, so you don't have to worry about intricate wiring or tedious installation. We make it easy to upgrade your truck with the lights you've been eyeing.

Additionally, our puddle lights are street-legal and approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA).

See Them in Action

If you're not already convinced that RECON LED Mirror Puddle Lights are the upgrade your truck needs, check out our gallery of photos and video. You can see how the parts look in action. Check out the scanning amber turn signals, or see how the blue LED lights shine in the dark.

RECON Technical Support

All RECON parts come with a limited warrant to protect you against defects. Our support for our customers doesn't end once you make a purchase. We offer handy online installation guides for free, as well as a technical support phone line that you can call anytime Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm EST. Our technicians are standing by to answer any questions you may have, helping you get the most out of your aftermarket truck parts.

Call technical support at: (561) 771-1183.