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LED Strobe Lights

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RECON is proud to provide a wide range of LED strobe cab lights for trucks with superior performance. With LED strobe cab lights in a variety of colors, as well as full LED strobe light kits, you can make sure your truck gets lit. Our lights are super high-intensity and are the brightest on the market. Water proof, with both 3-watt and 4-watt LEDs available, you'll be shining far in the distance. Additionally, we have sets that feature 6-LED, 19-Function, 24-watt intensity that are impact-resistant and designed for off road use. You will also find 36-watt strobe light kits available. If you are adding aftermarket custom parts to your truck, we know that you want something that stands out. Something that sets you apart from the rest. Have you considered your cab lights? Many cab lights, particularly those that come installed from the manufacturer, are pretty boring. They may be bright and colorful, but the strobing feature is what really adds the wow factor. Our LED strobe cab lights for trucks will outlast the competition and are best-in-class in regard to longevity and performance. They draw as little power from your truck's battery as possible, with a low amperage, yet are astonishing to view.

LED Strobe Lights

Our strobe light kits are easy to install. And, you know they are truly top-of-the-line as many police and fire departments choose RECON as their go-to when in need of new kits for their vehicles. The best part about our strobe cab lights is that they are a universal truck accessory. What this means is that no matter what MAKE you drive, our LED strobe light kits are compatible with your truck. Only minor hand tools are necessary for installation, so you can get them up and going in no time at all. Your truck will be flashy, bold, stylish, and tough all at the same time. Turn the strobing function on when you're at the local truck meet and everyone will be asking where you got them. Tell them RECON.

Types of LED Strobe Lights for Trucks

If you want to check out the coolest strobe light kit on the market, definitely look at our 24-Watt 19-Function strobe light that comes with six lights in amber. This set is for all our off-roaders out there and it's a huge hit. The set exceeds the standards for off-road industrial use and comes with a controller–it has 24 different strobe flash patterns. If you're truly looking to stun, this is the kit for you. We also offer strobe light modules that have 12 functions. They come in amber, white, blue, or red so you can choose the part that matches your style and your truck.

LED Strobe Light Kits

If you're looking for a whole new LED strobe light kit, we won't disappoint. Since our strobe light kits are plug-and-play you will not have trouble installing the set. Our kits feature in-vehicle control switches that you can mount on the surface anywhere in your cab. Keep the switch in easy reach so you can turn on the flash pattern of your choice whenever you want. All of our LED strobe light kits come with professional-grade LED lights. When you buy from RECON you know that you are getting the real deal, unlike other cheap knock off websites. We hold our products to the highest standard to provide you with the best performance. You go through a lot with your truck. Rain, sleet, snow, mud– the works. You need strobe cab lights for trucks that last. LED lights are highly durable, and what's even better its that they won't burn out on you the way traditional halogen/incandescent bulbs will. You'll be shining and flashing for many, many miles with RECON's led strobe light kit.

We Stand behind Our Products

At RECON, all of our products come with a limited warranty. This is another thing that you are unlikely to find on cheap knock-off sites. Many sites sell you a product and from there, you're on your own. If it doesn't work you might be stuck re-ordering the same part at the same hefty price hoping that it works this time around. Not at RECON. With our limited warranty you are protected against defective products. We want to make sure you get the best part possible with the least hassle, in the shortest amount of time so that you can get up and running.

Technical Support

In addition to our limited warranty, we have real people to answer your real questions. You won't get an automated loop when you call our dedicated technical service line. We have professionals standing by to answer any questions you have either during the installation process or about product use once you're all lit up. You can give us a call any time, Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm EST. Our technicians are dedicated to helping you solve any issues you may have so that you get the most out of your purchase. Welcome to the RECON family!