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Illuminate your ride with RECON's premier selection of LED Running, Bed, Rock, Strobe, License Plate, and Flexible Lights. Engineered for enthusiasts who demand both style and functionality, our collection offers cutting-edge LED technology for unmatched brightness and durability. Choose from a wide array of colors, designs, and specific kits tailored for various vehicle makes and models, ensuring a perfect OEM-style fit. Upgrade your vehicle's aesthetic and visibility with RECON's LED solutions—where quality meets innovation.


LED Running Lights

RECON's LED Running Lights are designed to enhance both the aesthetics and safety of vehicles. These lights offer superior illumination, ensuring better visibility on the road, particularly in low-light conditions. Built with durability in mind, they seamlessly integrate with various vehicle makes and models, adding a sleek, modern look. Ideal for drivers who prioritize safety without compromising on style, RECON's LED Running Lights are a standout choice for upgrading your vehicle's lighting system.

LED Rock Lights

RECON's LED Rock Lights are specifically designed to enhance off-road adventures by illuminating the ground beneath and around your vehicle, ensuring safer and more enjoyable navigation through dark terrains. These rugged, high-intensity lights provide exceptional brightness, designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them perfect for off-roaders seeking both style and functionality. With easy installation and a durable build, they're a reliable addition to any adventure vehicle, adding both visibility and a custom look.

LED Bed Lights

RECON's LED Bed Lights are tailor-made to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your truck's bed area. Offering bright, efficient lighting, these LED lights improve visibility and safety for loading and unloading in low-light conditions. Their durability and ease of installation make them an essential addition for truck owners who require both practicality and style in their vehicle modifications.

Illuminated License Plate Frames

RECON's Illuminated License Plate Frames add a distinctive touch of style and visibility to your vehicle, blending functionality with flair. These frames are designed to illuminate your license plate with bright LED lighting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle while ensuring that your license plate is visible in low-light conditions. Ideal for those who appreciate both design and safety enhancements for their vehicle.

LED Strobe Lights

RECON's LED Strobe Lights are engineered for high visibility and performance, designed to serve as critical safety features for vehicles requiring attention in emergency situations or for enhanced visibility. These powerful lights emit intense, flashing illumination, ensuring that your vehicle stands out in all conditions. Perfect for professional and personal vehicles that require an extra level of safety and visibility on the road.