LED Fog Lights

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Showing all 11 results

If you’re looking for the best LED fog lights for trucks, RECON is the place to shop. With the most state-of-the-art, high-quality LED fog lamps on the market, you can get lit and get ready to hit the road. At RECON, we have LED fog lights for JEEP, DODGE, GMC, CHEVY, and FORD trucks. No matter what Model you drive, you can soup up your ride and hit the pavement, backwoods trails, or make an appearance at the local truck meet with the best and brightest aftermarket lighting accessories.

RECON LED Fog Lights

LED fog lamps are essential for any truck, but especially for drivers who frequently encounter dimly lit roads in poor driving conditions. Fog lights sit lower to the ground than your headlights, and since fog typically hangs at low levels, the positioning helps you to see more clearly when the weather is less than ideal.

RECON designs our LED fog lights with precision, so that the beam of light shines under the fog, rather than straight into it. This line of sight provides more safety and better illumination. The LED lights are the brightest on the market and you don’t have to worry about the light reflecting back in your eyes. You will get the vision you need and the power you demand out of your LED fog lamps when you shop at RECON.

LED Fog Lights Serve Several Functions

Even if you don’t often see fog on the road, your truck definitely needs the best light LED fog light installation. While the name for the truck part is officially “fog lights” or “fog lamps,” there are other driving conditions that we bet you encounter regularly that make them essential.

LED fog lights improve your vision in the rain and snow, as well as when there is debris or dust in the air. That means if you take your truck off roading, live in an area with harsh winters or wet, rainy seasons, or go driving on the beaches or into the desert, fog lights are a must-have.

Do you take your truck down trails at dusk or dawn to go fishing or hunting? You’re sure to see the moisture in the air. Having the best LED fog lamps helps you avoid hazards such as tree branches, animals, and any other obstacle you’re looking to avoid.

Why LED Fog Lamps Are the Way to Go

You demand the most from your truck. From the stereo to the tires, you want everything to be powerful, functional, and reliable. With RECON LED fog lamps, that’s exactly what you get. LED lights are the best choice by far, compared to any other on the market. Traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs just don’t cut it anymore. They’re hazy, they’re yellow, and they burn out fast.

That’s not the case with LED fog lamps. The LED bulbs emit a light that is much whiter and brighter than traditional bulbs, providing you with better vision. Additionally, they last many times longer. They won’t burn out on you and are bound to last years. What’s even better is that they draw much less power from your truck’s battery than traditional bulbs.


When you shop at RECON, you get the parts that match your truck best in terms of style as well as functionality. Not every driver is going for the same look, and you shouldn’t be limited in your choices. You can select an installation that has a smoked/black lens, or LED fog lamps that are clear and chrome. The choice is up to you. Trick out your truck the way you want.

We have LED fog lights that replace OEM factory-installed lamps, and installations with daytime running lights and amber turn signals. RECON has rectangular truck fog lamps, as well as circular. No matter what look you’re going for or what functions you need, we have the parts for you right here.

Installation and Support

We don’t leave our customers hanging once they make a purchase. When you shop at RECON, you get access to technical support and free online installation guides. We stand behind our products and we’re here for our customers should you ever have questions.

You can call our technical support line any time Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm EST at 561-771-1183. We have technicians standing by to take your call to ensure you get the information you’re looking for.

Additionally, all RECON truck parts are backed by a limited warranty. What this means is that if any part is found to be defective within the specified timeframe and parameters we will repair or replace it at no charge. We make sure that our customers are satisfied and that the parts they order meet expectations for superior performance. At RECON, we settle for nothing less than the very best. And you shouldn’t either.