Truck Antennas

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Showing 1–12 of 33 results

a bullet-style truck antenna by RECON

If you’re in the market for a new bullet aluminum truck antenna, you won’t find a piece that stands out like one from the RECON collection. Whether you’re looking for a truck antenna replacement for a broken part from years past, or want to add a new, custom part to create a whole new look for your truck at a reasonable piece, we have what you need. Are you looking for a short truck antenna? We have options that are just 5-inches tall called shorty antennas. Do you need something a little more prominent? Check out our 8 and 10-inch pieces. We have the original bullet antenna shaped to the exact specs of a .50 cal bullet. Additionally we offer the only rifle barrel shaped antenna in the automotive aftermarket. 

A Truck Antenna for All Makes and Models

RECON truck antennas are universal parts, meaning that they will fit nearly any make and model truck or SUV. No matter what year your truck was manufactured, our selection will fit any truck with an OEM factory threaded antenna. These models are simple to install and take just a few minutes. We include all necessary hardware, which are extremely minimal, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for the right parts. When you shop RECON, you get it all in one package.

Endless Possibilities

We know the importance of designing a truck with aftermarket auto antennas and parts that are uniquely yours. You don’t want to look like everyone else on the road. You want to upgrade your ride and stand out where ever you go. You also don’t want to be limited on options. At RECON, you’re not.

With colors including black, brushed aluminum, chrome, army green, yellow, blue, silver, red, white, and orange, with parts that include collegiate color-combos as well, find the truck antenna that best matches your ride. Or, pick something that contrasts with your truck to make an even stronger statement.

If you want a short truck antenna, check out our ultra-tough .50 cal antenna bullet line, perfect for those who take their trucks hunting or love the great outdoors. If that describes you, then you really need to check out this truck bullet antenna. We also stock rifle barrel 10-inch antennas, and an antenna that looks like a baseball bat for all you sports lovers.

Find an Extended Range Antenna Replacement

Is your current truck radio antenna just not cutting it? Do you drive through mountains, remote terrain, heavily wooded areas, or live outside of city limits? Having trouble picking up your favorite radio station? Scoop an extended range truck antenna to hear more clearly where ever you are. Able to pick up signals from a further distance, you’ll have better reception and less static.

Hear about poor weather conditions ahead, listen to your favorite morning radio show, and remain in the scope of reception when you take your truck to your hidden fishing spot. Poor radio reception is never acceptable, and it doesn’t have to be when you buy an extended range truck antenna replacement.

Antennas for Trucks That Are Built to Last

Long, flimsy antennas are out of style, and more importantly less likely to last. They’re more likely to sustain damage, or even snap off your truck, in wind and rain, and you’ll notice that they become weaker and weaker as time goes by. They may start to sway more, rattle, or lose reception.

That’s why when you buy a truck antenna from RECON, you get a piece that’s made from sturdy aluminum, lower to your truck, and meant to stick around. Thick aluminum antennas are better suited to withstand poor weather conditions, and less likely to get damaged through every day wear and tear.

Check Out Real-Life Pics

Sometimes it’s hard to envision what a truck antenna will look like on your vehicle. How high will it really reach? What does the base look like once attached? Is the color in the product picture true to real-life appearance? When you shop at RECON for an antenna replacement, get those answers before you purchase.

Many of our products include real-life pictures of the antennas on vehicles, taken by real people, on real trucks, not in a showroom or catalog. It’s important to us that you see what you’re getting. Check out photos of parts in different colors, on different truck models, with close-up views and pics from a distance. You’ll know what you’re ordering. There are no surprises at RECON. What you purchase is what you get.

Reasonable Everyday Prices

Making a modification to your truck or SUV doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With aftermarket antennas for trucks priced as low as $49.95, you can find an upgrade that matches your budget. You’ll be amazed at the difference in appearance that something as slight as a truck antenna replacement can make. It can transform your truck’s look into something totally new and different.

Friends are sure to notice the upgrade immediately, and you’ll even have strangers asking you where you got your impressive new truck antenna. With RECON, you get superior products that offer superior performance and a super tough, rugged, stop-at-nothing look.

The RECON Product Warranty

Shop with peace of mind at RECON Unique Automotive Light Components. All of our aftermarket auto antennas come with a limited warranty. You don’t have to worry about complicated returns or exchanges or a restocking fee on defective products, if a return is completed in the noted amount of time.