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Ford Superduty F-350 Projector Headlights

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Ford F-350 projector headlights are an excellent investment if you drive in difficult weather conditions. F-350 projector headlights are much more potent than the traditional headlights that come with the F-350 line.

Your headlights are your most important tool for visibility. You do not want to skimp on a good set of lights. Projector headlights use various bulbs, but experts agree that LED bulbs are the super choice to either halogen or HID bulbs. Ford F-350 projector headlights are also easy to install, even if you have minimal mechanical experience.

Ford F-350 Projector Headlights Truck Lights

Projector headlights are similar to traditional headlights, but they contain a special lens. The projector lens acts as a magnifying glass, producing a significantly stronger beam than other headlights. Projector headlights produce not only brighter light output but also clearer beams. The light from the headlights is strong enough to cut through heavy fog and snow.

Projector headlights have a differently from traditional headlights, as they point closer to the ground. There is also a cutoff shield, which further angles the beams.

Angling your headlight downwards makes it easier to see the road. It also ensures that the brightness of your beams does not agitate other drivers.

These headlights illuminate the road, making it easier to drive in difficult conditions. The bright beams also draw more attention to your vehicle. In difficult driving conditions, this greatly decreases the chance of getting into an auto accident.

Other vehicles are more likely to spot the bright light in front of your vehicle. This lets them know where you are, as well as where your vehicle is facing, even in stormy weather.

Types of Ford F-350 Projector Headlights Truck Lights

There are multiple F-350 projector headlights available. The main difference between the headlights is the type of bulb and the size. Unlike with other headlights, there are not as many bulb options available for projector lights.

You cannot use HID bulbs with projector headlights because the lens causes too bright of a reflection. While this may sound good for you, it is a hassle for other drivers, as the beams can blind other them.

Some Ford F-350 projector headlights use Xenon bulbs, but they are not as powerful or efficient as LED headlight alternatives. LED lights last for several years, even under heavy use. LEDs use less energy than other types of bulbs, which is better for your truck.

When searching for F-350 projector headlights, the headlights include both measurements and years. The years are a reference for which generation of trucks the headlights are compatible with. If you are unsure of your truck's exact make, measure your headlights in advance, and focus on searching by size.

Installing Ford F-350 Projector Headlight Truck Lights

Installing Ford F-350 projector headlights is the same as installing any other type of headlight. Installation is relatively quick and does not require extensive mechanical knowledge. The process may vary slightly depending on the kind of truck you have. Some trucks having additional parts you must remove during installation.

Before you install your new headlights, make sure your truck engine is off. Once the vehicle is off, open up the hood and search for the headlight assembly, which is at the truck's front.

You can identify the headlight holder by looking for the three wires attached to your existing headlights. These wires are kept in place by either a clip or cap, depending on your make of truck. Press down on the clip or cap and disconnect the wires.

Your F-350 projector headlights are almost ready to go in. Once the wires are disconnected, carefully remove the existing headlight. You may have to unscrew additional parts, based on the make of your vehicle.

With some of the older trucks, the battery or air filter housing may get in the way. For these trucks, remove the inner fender to get to your headlights.

Slide your F-350 projector headlights into the empty slots. When you screw in the new headlights, avoid touching the bulb's glass. Oil from your hands can leave dirty residue on the headlight. Once the new lights are secure, close your hood and turn on your vehicle to test whether the lights work.

Trucks Supported with Ford F-350 Projector Headlights Truck Lights

Ford F-350 projector headlights are designed for several different trucks. Ford is one of the most active companies, producing multiple new makes each year. First generation F-350 refers to any truck made between 1999 and 2007.

The second generation is any truck built between 2008 and 2010, while the third generation is from 2011 to 2016. The fourth generation is the most recent, covering any F-350 produced from 2017. This also includes any special line of F-350, such as the Ford F-350 Super Duty and the Ford Raptor. Other compatible trim levels include:

· XL


· Lariat

· King Ranch

· Platinum

· Limited